Listen to the next generation of Jews.

It’s the Jewish New Year and Rabbi Brant Rosen asks: Is the Jewish establishment really able to listen to the next generation of Jews?

“How do we reach Jewish young people?” has long been one of the central mantras of the organized Jewish community – as those of us who work as Jewish professionals can surely attest. But while we wring our hands over the state of the Jewish future, a remarkable new generation of Jews has been knocking insistently at our door.

Case in point:

Almost one year ago, five young Jews disrupted the keynote speech by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the Jewish Federation General Assembly in New Orleans. One by one, at five different points during the speech, the activists stood on their chairs, unfurled banners and shouted out in turn:

Young Jews say the settlements delegitimize Israel!
Young Jews say the Occupation delegitimizes Israel!
Young Jews say the siege of Gaza delegitimizes Israel
Young Jews say the loyalty oath delegitimizes Israel!
Young Jews say silencing dissent delegitimizes Israel!

With each successive interruption the shouts from the crowd grew louder and angrier. As security attempted to safely walk them out, one protester was put in a choke hold by a convention attendee and wrestled to the floor. Another conventioneer grabbed a banner and tore it in half with his teeth.

At the very same moment, “Young, Jewish, Proud” launched its website, featuring the “Young Jewish Declaration” – an astonishing statement of purpose that seemed to come directly from the collective heart, mind and gut of this newly-formed youth movement:

We exist. We are everywhere. We speak and love and dream in every language…

We remember how to build our homes, and our holiness, out of time and thin air, and so do not need other people’s land to do so…

We refuse to have our histories distorted or erased, or appropriated by a corporate war machine. We will not call this liberation…

We commit ourselves to peace. We will stand up with honest bodies, to offer honest bread…We are young Jews, and we get to decide what that means.

Predictably, the Jewish establishment wasted no time in excoriating the protesters. Some chided them condescendingly for their “misguided” behavior. Others angrily criticized them for “aiding the enemy.”

As for me, I watched these events unfold with genuine hope for our Jewish future.

After all, weren’t these young people claiming and proclaiming their Jewishness in classic Jewish fashion? Like young Abraham destroying his father’s icons, they stood up to the hypocrisy and corruption of their elders. In the heart of the the largest gathering of American Jewish leaders, these proud young Jews called out their community on its most sacred of sacred cows: namely, the unquestioning, unconditional support of the state of Israel.

In all honesty, I can’t say I’ve ever witnessed as authentic an act of young Jewish self-expression as I did that afternoon at the New Orleans General Assembly.

Yes, as a professional Jew, I’ve participated in the “how can we inspire young Jewish adults?” conversation more times than I care to admit. I’ve watched a myriad of Jewish community-sponsored initiatives come and go. And invariably, all of them focused on what we believed was best for Jewish young people.

But while the Jewish establishment has been excellent at creating and funding expensive projects, we seem to be chronically incapable of actually listening to Jewish young people. We love to tell them how we think they should express their Jewishness, but rarely do we stop long enough to really, truly learn what Jewish passions are driving young Jewish adults today.

Taglit-Birthright Israel – the Jewish establishment’s signature youth initiative – is the most obvious case in point. For well over a decade, we have invested literally hundreds of millions of dollars in providing free, all-expense-paid trips to Israel. The essential goal of these trips, as Birthright’s Marketing Director puts it plainly, is to make Israel “an integral part of every Jew’s identity.”

It’s well known that Birthright was born in response to growing reports that American Jewish young people were becoming increasingly disconnected to the state of Israel. But by rushing to address this issue through a massive multimillion dollar community initiative, we successfully avoided asking some deeper questions.

Could it be that we were afraid to know the answers?

Could it be that young people are becoming disenchanted with Israel because they are becoming increasingly troubled by its treatment of Palestinians? Could it be that growing numbers of young Jews regard Israel more as an oppressive colonial project than a source of Jewish pride? Could it be that in the 21st century world, the identities of young Jews are tied less to Jewish ethno-nationalism than to a more universal vision of liberation?

“Young, Jewish, Proud” is decidedly not the product of a Jewish communal initiative. On the contrary it is a grass-roots, self-organized effort of young Jews who seek to express their Jewish identity in a time-honored Jewish manner: by speaking truth to power, by advocating unabashedly for peace, justice and liberation, by standing up to oppression, racism and persecution in Israel/Palestine – and throughout the world. They simply aren’t buying what the Jewish establishment has been selling them. They are finding their own voices.

We are young Jews, and we get to decide what that means…

I am well aware that it is not easy for a Jewish community so thoroughly focused on Zionism to hear it challenged in such a fundamental way. But aren’t these young Jews doing precisely what they were raised to do?  They are taking a good, educated look around them, thinking critically about what they see and are taking a stand for what they believe in as Jews.  Are we really prepared to disown them because their conclusions make us uncomfortable?

In the Torah portion for the first day of Rosh Hashanah, we read that when God saves the life of young Ishmael in the wilderness, “God heeded the cries of the boy where he is.” (Genesis 21:17) In other words, God was able to find Ishmael by truly listening to him. Not where God wanted him to be or were God thought he should be, but where he was.

On this New Year, I fervently hope our community can do the same with our newest adult generation. These young Jews certainly have every reason to be disenchanted with the organized Jewish community, but for some reason they refuse to go away. They’re here and they’re knocking loudly at our door.

Do we, the gatekeepers of the Jewish community, have the vision, the faith and the courage to open it up and let them in?

Shanah Tova, Rabbi Brant Rosen


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228 Responses to Listen to the next generation of Jews.

  1. tageb says:

    Jews and non Jews can live peacefully and this is a demonstration of this! Well done for reviving your heritage! Jews have contributed wonderfully society and there is no reason not to accept them.

    Reading about this initiative gives me hope for humankind.

  2. I am an American Jew, 90 years old.For 75 of those 90 I have been anti-Zionist. I think it is high time that today’s Jewish youth saw Zionism and Israel for what they are, a cynical Anglo-American anti-Semitic invention. Victor Kattan, author of “From Coexistence to Conquest” relates how in World War 1 the founders of Zionism sold the British imperialists on the idea that Palestine could serve as a dumping ground for their obnoxious Jews. In the UN in 1947 Poland voted for partition for the same reason. In 1936 (age 15!) I realized that to achieve the Jewish National Homeland, we Jews would have to do to the native Palestinians what the European (“white”) setters did to the Native Americans.

    “Negotiation” is a sham. Prime Minister SHAMire said in 1992 “I could have talked for 10 years and in that time wee would have achieved [another] half million settlers.”

    Yes, it is time to stop talking. The state of Palestine must be admitted to UN membership.

  3. Kathleen says:

    Spot on

  4. Kathleen says:

    A wonderful group of young people. Although I have been around the edges of the group observing. Beware of claiming that you are the birthers of this movement. which I heard some members of your group claim. Honor those who have been out on the front lines of the I/P issue for decades. The majority have been non Jews. The last five years have been wonderful watching far more Jews coming out and standing firm on justice for the Palestinians. But this is a new phenomena, but a welcome shift.

    Stay aware of an exclusionary undertone in your group. It is there Beware of this

  5. Armon Ketchum says:

    To all the Dear Jewish Youth: YES! We are All in this together! I am a Non-Jewish person of spiritual practice and a Member of Jewish Voice For Peace. I do not consider myself less a of person than a practitioner of Fundamentalist Jewry or Fundamentalist Christianity or Fundamentalist Sharia or any other religion! These religious zealots are the Problem. May you ultimately prevail in your pursuit of Jewish conscience. May the memory of Rachel Corrie continue to inspire!

  6. M. Antonio Alves says:

    My congratulations, brave young Jews!

    I support you, though I’m neither a jew, nor palestinian, and as well as you, I’m fully convinced that after all what has happened, only PEACE can win! Neither Israel, nor the Palestinian authority. Only JUSTICE, INTERNATIONAL LAW, AND RESPECT for every individual, group, ethnicity, opinion, and Religion, will solve the problems in a long term basis.

    THE ONLY PROBLEM IS THE HATRED! Look at the other as someone like you, and half of the solution will be found. I send you all my admiration and support, from Lisbon, Portugal. A historically christian Country, but where Arabs and Jews were of great importance to our culture, economy, and wisdom.

  7. ‘Young Jews’ is a drink of cool, fresh water in the dry land of Israeli-Palestinian relations. There is hope for all of us, Jew and Gentile, when courageous young people come together to take oppressive practices to the courts and the streets. They have two good models: Ghandi’s movement to free India from the British and the Civil Rights movement led by The Rev Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. We can have peace, and prosperity, in our time.

  8. John Miles Palmer says:

    If I was Jewish ( and lived in the USA) I would be part of your amazing movement. I have met people like you here in the UK and this gives me optimism that the Palestinians will get justice – and statehood – one day and then there will exist an Israel that can at last live at peace with itself – and with its neighbours. I echo all the positive comments, points, praise and thanks others have made. I see you also have critics and I don’t understand their criticism of you. I just know the history including the disgraceful part Great Britain played when they finally betrayed the Palestinians in 1947-48 and most of what has happened since then. As for the despicable foreign policy of the USA and their desperate need for an ally in the Middle East – good luck with changing that, you’ll need it

  9. Jim Von Riesen says:

    As a non-Jew living in Canada, it is easy for me to think that the Jewish political establishment speaks for all Jews. There is no news coverage here of any Jewish demonstrations or statements of opposition to the treatment and occupation of Palestinians. A reporter in Israel recently lost his job for writing in his own blog that the treatment of Palestinians was wrong and will lead to violent revolt. So, I am thrilled to have seen this video and read the longer article. Your young voices give me hope for the future of Israelies and Palestinians. Thank you and may your voices bring Shalom.

  10. Your activist volunteerism is spiritually enhancing to yourselves and, vicariously, to we like-minded progressives, as well as encouraging to the peacemakers among the oppressed who choose betterment to bitterness. Shalom.

  11. David says:

    I am not Jewish, but my feelings and beliefs of some 50 years have been expressed here. If anyone should know discrimination, then the Jewish Nation should. Why do they discriminate against others who live in the same teritory??? Why have they treated people so harshly? Do unto others as you would have them do to you. And I ask lastly, why does the USA have to support such a brutal totalitarian regime as we find today in Israel??/

  12. Nichole says:

    You guys are so inspiring, keep doing what you’re doing. It is so refreshing to see a voice of reason. I am so glad you were covered in the Arab media, it is important for them to know that most Jews are moderate, rational, & empathetic. Thank you from the bottom of my heart; you’ve restored my faith in humanity

  13. berland says:

    Bravo pour vos actions. Vous êtes les meilleurs militants contre l’antisémitisme. Des millions de gens sont avec vous!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Zeinab says:

    I’m a young Muslim girl and I think you all are brave, courageous souls. This is exactly what we need! Youth taking action. I applaud you all.
    Now, if only we had an organization of young Jews and Muslims to stand by each other and call out atrocities as we see them. Youth are usually (thought not all the time) apathetic towards these kinds of things, so job well done!


  16. Marwan says:

    Be ready to be accused of antisemtism…

  17. Sam says:

    Talia, I am Palestinian too. Let me quote you something that I feel is appropriate for you what you said: “I am not only a pacifist but a militant pacifist. I am willing to fight for peace. Nothing will end war unless the people themselves refuse to go to war.” -Albert “the Man” Einstein.

    This isn’t a time to silently watch these idiots spout hatred and inaccuracies. Now is the time to (albeit peacefully) demonstrate, protest and shout from the top of our lungs: WE ARE ALL THE SAME AND WE ALL STAND ON THE SIDE OF JUSTICE, PEACE, AND EQUALITY.

    Bravo my Jewish brothers and sisters. Next time, give me a banner and count me in…

  18. naomi paz greenberg says:

    Very true.

    Naomi Paz Greenberg.

  19. naomi paz greenberg says:

    There are many Jewish Quakers in the US.

    It means different things to different Jewish Quakers.

    For me it means that I am culturally a Jew. That is where my roots are and where my DNA derives. And for as long as there is political controversy swirling around Jewish people, I am a Jew. I cannot deny that.

    But my faith is Quakerism.

    As to the defense of a homeland. I read somewhere that the state of Israel was something like an affirmative action plan by the members of the UN – mostly western countries at that point – in the aftermath of the holocaust.

    I have always believed it was quite the cynical gesture. How much easier for Germany, France, Austria and the Netherlands to name just a few of these western countries, to give an ’empty’ (people of color weren’t really human) malarial swampland and a few miles of desert to ‘The Jews’ than to give my grandparents’ farm in Germany back to them or their descendants. Didn’t cost them a thing. My grandparents wanted their farm. Not some mosquito infested patch of land in the middle of nowhere – from their perspective.

    And while the Jews and Palestinians fight over that land over there, maybe nobody will notice the wholesale theft of land and property, and transfer of wealth that took place behind the curtains of the ‘civilized’ western world.

    If the United Nations had instead spoken for the people who had been injured by nations, Germany, Austria, France, Russia, Poland, etc., would have their own political geographies disrupted and those in the middle east would not have to fight over the crumbs falling off that table.

    I know. I can dream.

    But understand that if I borrow money from someone and cannot pay it back, I have no right to give them your house just because borrower and lender can’t quite recognize your humanity, (you don’t really feel pain, you don’t really love your children, you mistreat your wife, you steal)
    and yet this is how the Palestinians are treated.

    So now to add insult to injury, when you wish to defend your home, the person I’ve given it to calls you the enemy.

    The question is not whether you or anyone has the right to defend ‘one’s homeland.’

    That question would point us along the harrowing trajectory that killed our grandparents in the camps and kills our grandchildren on the battlefield. How much of our great grand-children’s blood are we really willing to gamble with?

    Rather, the question is: What are you, are we each, willing to sacrifice to make peace; how much are we each willing to bleed for the dream of our great-grandchildren never having to shed blood?

    In Peace and Friendship,
    Naomi Paz Greenberg.

  20. Ariel says:

    My GF grandmother survived the holocaust, she and her whole family refused to move to Israel since the beginning, they were sure that it will bring nothing but sorrows for us and the Arab…we have kicked those people out of their homes

    [part of them left after the mufti assured them they will return after kicking the Jews]

    and brought them a war they never asked for or did anything to deserve it

    [well, the war started after 7 arabs states attacked after refusing the partition plan]

    the whole Mideast crises started in 1948 no earlier!!

    [what about the riots and murders in hebron in the ’20?]

    That’s when forces captured and killed and expelled a million innocent human from their homes

    [see my first line. “Millions”? are you sure? the say 700.000 (i know is a big number, but why to lie? By the way tha same number of jews was expelled for arab countries. don’t you think you should be referring to that point too? ]

    …people who were not a part of any war or attack on any one…how is that different from the holocaust …do you have any idea or even care where did those people go, how do they live what happened to the countries that took them as refugees…or what happen to their grandchildren these days in the west-bank when Israel build settlements on their lands

    [well here comes is the big difference: Jews didn’t try to exterminate the Palestinian people. they didn’t systemically
    killed them. I am not an expert (and sure you are not either) but: how many causalities were in both sides? who called for the extermination of the other paople? for god sake, did the jews kidnapped, murdered threw rockets to german cities? You are so disinformed!!!]

    We Americans lives for the values of freedom and justice,

    [come on! you posted almost all the dictators in latin-america for the last 90 years! ]

    and as a Jew I cannot lie and say that what we brought to the Palestinians is freedom or justice

    [believe me… the have to decide they want it first! (see the hamas charter they voted in Gaza and tell me if “Article Eleven: The Strategy of Hamas: Palestine is an Islamic Waqf
    The Islamic Resistance Movement believes that the land of Palestine has been an Islamic Waqf throughout the generations and until the Day of Resurrection, no one can renounce it or part of it, or abandon it or part of it. […]” gives a chance to peace]

    I despise you because your opinions are baseless and don’t improve the chances of peace. The opposite!!
    You don’t like what you see… then learn the issue and then protest, burn tires and shout! That’s the way people should act!

  21. Ariel says:

    Hi my name is Ariel and i have been living in Israel for the last 10 years. I read your posts and a few “In Our Own Words” and i am disappointed. As a regular guy seeking (and voting and protesting) for a just peace, i must tell you i haven’t found in your words a balanced approach. As usual in extreme parties (extreme not in the good way) you fail to see the bad actions in the Palestinian side nor the good ones in the Israeli one. I know you are aware of the several peace movements (and politicians) in Israel longing and acting in behalf of justice. And yet, i cannot but to feel you chose to highlight the ugly faces in Israel (and believe me i agree there are!).
    I don’t see how this approach can serve peace and justice for both the Israeli an the Palestinian people. I think you are just the opposite side of Liberman and Biby , and that’s a pity!
    A just peace starts with a just statement. You complain the world doesn’t listen to the Palestinian voice (i don’t think that’s right) and then you silence Biby! You talk about the Apartheid Wall and you don’t even consider the security matters until an agreement is reached. I think it wasn’t right to build the fence partially on Palestinian land an it should be changed, but you cannot blind an eye and see the lives that were saved (at a very high Palestinian price).
    well, i think i made my point. I am sorry i didn’t find yet a serious movement ready to recognize both the good and bad habits of the sides in order to find the right path. i ‘d like to think that’s possible. Bet be sure you are not!find yet a serious movement ready to recognize both the good and bad habits of the sides in order to find the right path.

  22. tomsteri says:

    Greetings from Finland to all of you brave people, doing the right thing :)

  23. Francis Berbel says:

    Israël must abide by international law.
    I agree with these wonderful young poeple who in a way fight for the rights of oppressed Palestinians while being loyal to Israël as far as Israël engages in a moral process to become a rightful state.

  24. Huguet-Berbel says:

    They are great and righteous and brave people.
    We all want Israel to become a peaceful state and with their help it might be possible one day. Israel must show respect to international law and not always try to blame the victims of its occupation to go further with oppression and agression.

  25. vicki says:

    bravo bravo, bravo. I am with you all the way. If we are going to have a better word Palestine needs to be free and jewish people need to stand up for justice and peace.

  26. majid d says:

    thanks sisters
    you are brave, after these long years of murder in palestine by Israeli soldiers, I am so happy to see that they are a lot of brave Jewish people who let the world hear their message.
    please be brave in your way

  27. Mariam says:

    I must say, you are very very brave to do what you are doing. I know a lot of people from my belief are much too cowardly to stand up and say what is right, rather they would practice in their homes before practicing in the streets.

    Keep up the faith, and let’s fight to bring injustices to justice. If we cannot work together, how can we function as the human race?

    Peace, Shalom, Salam. (:

  28. Glyn Secker says:

    Really great, brave action. So very well done. The alternative Jewish voice, the voice of justice, of humanity, of integrity, of dignity is now singing out and being heard. Eternally enchained by their own action, a people who oppress another can never themselves be free, free from fear, free from hatred; enslaved by a consciousness of dehumanization, every act of degradation diminishes equally the perpetrator. The vitriol of your critics does not even leave a mark on your dignity.

    Glyn Secker
    Captain, Jewsih Boat To Gaza (September 2010)
    EC, Jews For Justice For Palestinians

  29. A. Naas says:

    the occupation delegitimizes Israel
    *keep up the good work*

  30. Aron Kubicz says:

    Great website, keep up the hard word.

  31. Nizar Albizri says:

    goodmorning with all respect please for about what is yours antd what is mine let us leve together in peace idont thing we own any thing even our graveyard let us respect ourself enough repeating the same mistake if you want to cntinuo not to be another eppisode GOD set us in trap (EXAM) the riligion related even from the same family but the three different bugs especialy the oldest one think they are defferent bigger bug so please let pass the EXAM

  32. Bernard and Janine Kilroy says:

    Fulsome praise for your extraordinary courage in the cause of justice and truth!

  33. Mahdi says:

    very very very proud of you . . these are the actions that makes men droping tears . . and these actions prove that religion was never the issue . . love you all and respect you all


    please start a facebook group

  34. Paige says:

    Thank you so much for your example and your courage to speak out against injustice towards human beings.

    Justice and equality belongs to all people, not exclusively for one religion or ethnicity; you are a wonderful example for all of us!

    If I were able I would have stood with you!

  35. Yusuf Ziya says:

    I am from Turkey

    I salute these brave real jewish. Thank you! Netanyahu is a liar and murderous thug. End the occupation!

    The Settlements Betray Jewish Values

    Thank you again – YJP

  36. Mark S. says:

    Congratulations on your success, you’ve provided a great deal of hope to people like I who have become jaded with the actions of the Israeli government regarding the peace process. God bless your strength and courage.
    Peace to all!

  37. Yousef M. Aljamal says:

    We in Gaza, highly appreciate your great job against the Israeli lies in GAJF . We believe that you did what no one did before, as you stood against people to some extent belong to you for the sake of Justice. Thank you very much again.

  38. Munsterdevil says:

    Congratulations on making a stand against the barbarous state of Israel, hopefully many will follow you.

  39. Nadia says:

    Thank you so much for your courage! I cannot believe how much strength each of you had to stand up one after the other with so many people against you in the room. You are all so brave!

    “I’m for truth, no matter who tells it. I’m for justice, no matter who it is for or against. I’m a human being, first and foremost, and as such I’m for whoever and whatever benefits humanity as a whole.”- Malcolm X

    Keep your heads up and never stop speaking out!

  40. Noor Haqq says:

    Your act of Tikkun olam is an inspiration to me. You give me pride and trust again in young Jewish values.

    Thank you.

  41. hamed says:

    Also dont forget that Persian King of kings Cyrus the Great made you free fromslavary and let you to go bak to jurashalim to make youe temple and you should always talk with respect to Iranian

  42. talha says:

    ım talha,ım from turkey
    its good to know existence jews like you
    ım proud of u
    thank u

  43. Khalid says:

    Greetings from the UK!

    Very proud to see your disruption of Netanyahu’s Speech. May i suggest one thing which i think may be effective for next time. Handcuff yourselves to the chairs, this way you’ll have more time to disrupt the talk and the authorities will find it even more difficult to remove you.

    Very proud of people like yourselves, well done! and keep up the good work!


  44. David says:

    I applaud the very principled stand of JVP activists, and am appalled at the brutality of the occupation, however, it is also worth reading the official strategic position of Hamas toward Israel:

    With careful reading between the lines of this interview, with all its bravado and obfuscation, it seems clear to me that Israeli policies of the occupation are working against her own interests. There may be a self-serving rhetoric that “everyone hates us so screw them” that is creating an isolationist mood in the country, but it is ultimately self-defeating, if not self-destructive.

    Also, Dr. Isseldin Abuelaish’s book “I Shall Not Hate” is essential reading to understand the pain of the occupation and the absolute necessity to see beyond ideology and realize its effects on the real human beings on both sides of the borders who only want peace, dignity and a fulfilling life.

  45. Nadia says:

    Lets all good people unite and put end to all wars and occupations. Crazy “Elite” has to be put out – we deserve to live in peace.

  46. Alice says:

    Oomeyn! (amen!)

  47. Roselva Ungar says:

    Thank you, all you brave young people who can think and see injustice.

  48. antónio josé says:

    I write from Portugal…
    Congratulations youngsters, for you courage to speak up!

    Keep up the good work!!!

    Your message needs to be said loudly and many, many times.
    You are the future not only of Jewish people, but all people who respect human dignity.
    Keep going, Solidarity

  49. I was very moved to see the video of the disruption. It was a very brave action. I was especially struck by two facts:

    1) MOST protesters would have organised a group of a dozen or so, standing up and chanting slogans together (safety in numbers). The fact that these young people chose to stand up one by one, each one responsible for a different point to make, turned a brave action into a heroic one. Each one faced alone the angry / ridiculing reaction of the crowd.
    The “Loyalty Oath” delegitimizes Israel.
    The Occupation delegitimizes Israel.
    Settlements betray Jewish values.
    The siege of Gaza delegitimizes Israel.
    And then – after dissent had been ruthlessly silenced by angry “patriots” – the clincher:
    Silencing dissent delegitimizes Israel.

    2) Once Netanyahu thinks the [first] lone protester has been safely trundled away, he makes a joke: “They REALLY have the wrong address!”
    How wrong he was!!!
    Make no mistake, Bibi: these young people have the message… and they know JUST where to deliver it!

    I am sure that many more (unseen) people were involved in the planning and preparation of this action, and I want to thank them all. But I also want to say something to each of those five who were the visible actors:
    On the 8th of November, 2010, you each stood alone to face anger, rough handling, abuse, ridicule…
    But be assured that all around the World, MILLIONS – Jews and non-Jews, Israelis and non-Israelis – are standing with you now.
    Thank you!
    Thank you!
    Thank you!

  50. Yacine From France says:

    Thank you so much to show to the israeli prime minister, he can not claim support from all jews from the dispora. For every person who believes in international laws, I refuse to choose between my people or my religion and human rights.
    If Israel really want peace , he has to recognize the palestinian right to have their state. Why is it so difficult to accept ?
    Salam/Shalom/Peace to all.

  51. meurig says:

    I’m not Jewish, and I’m not young. But I am proud to belong to the same human race as these young activists. Much of what is good and humane in western civilisation comes from Jewish roots – thank you for continuing that tradition. Thank you for your courage in standing up to the thugs and bullies. Thank you for your compassion.

  52. micah says:

    Finally, you are taking our message to diaspora Jewry! Thank you!

  53. David LL says:

    My GF grandmother survived the holocaust, she and her whole family refused to move to Israel since the beginning, they were sure that it will bring nothing but sorrows for us and the Arab…we have kicked those people out of their homes and brought them a war they never asked for or did anything to deserve it, the whole Mideast crises started in 1948 no earlier!! That’s when forces captured and killed and expelled a million innocent human from their homes …people who were not a part of any war or attack on any one…how is that different from the holocaust …do you have any idea or even care where did those people go, how do they live what happened to the countries that took them as refugees…or what happen to their grandchildren these days in the west-bank when Israel build settlements on their lands

    We Americans lives for the values of freedom and justice, and as a Jew I cannot lie and say that what we brought to the Palestinians is freedom or justice

  54. John Mitchell says:

    Thank you for taking this action to oppose the injustices being committed by the Israeli government.

  55. David LL says:

    Great Job, ..i have served in Iraq and I’ve been in Kuwait for a while now, i got to say that we are kept in the dark when it comes to the m.east …the fact lay somewhere so far from what I personally was told ..As a Jew and American we’re supposed to stand for the Palestinian rights, this is what our commandments and our institution indicate and this is what we shall do.

  56. Leslie says:

    Jewish Defense-
    This was written by Albert Vorspan:
    To be a Jew is to be mobilized for life in the task of perfecting the world. To take the unfinished world and shape it on the anvil of life-that is our calling as a Jew.
    To be a Jew is to say no when those about us murmur yes to wrongdoing.
    To be a Jew is to feel, in the depths of our heart, the pain of our brethren.
    To be a Jew is to be discontented with the status quo and unafraid to shake it.
    To be a Jew is to irritate the conscience of the good, well-intentioned folk who acquiesce in the misery of their fellows.
    To be a Jew is to get our hands bruised in the arena of social action, because a cloistered virtue is unJewish and Jewish belief is tested by deed.
    To be a Jew is to be intoxicated with a dream of social justice.

    These young, Jewish,Proud and brave folks are doing their share towards Tikkun Olam. Our WORST enemy are those who blindly defend the indefensible. As a Jew, having traveled to Israel and the occupied West Bank, I have witnessed first hand what can only be described as un Jewish acts. Criticizing Israeli policy as a Jew is morally the correct thing to do. As long as Israel calls itself a Jewish state than it is absolutely my birthright to criticize it’s policies.

  57. Adrian M Hofstetter says:

    Thank God for your movement toward peace in the Middle East with a home for the Palestinian people.

  58. Stuart says:

    One thing and one thing only. That Israel obey international law. Nothing more, nothing less.

  59. Sid Frankel says:

    Thank you for re-affirming the central value of Jewish Justice. You have shown that it is the time for activism, not politeness.

  60. Rebecca Minnich says:

    Thank you so much for your courageous action at Netanyahu’s speech. Your work is absolutely essential if we are to save Israel and Palestine from a future of endless conflict and bloodshed. Only when U.S. Jews stand up and say no to the Israeli government’s human rights abuses, the illegal occupation, and the killing of Palestinians will our government change its policy of defending Israel not matter what it does. I know how difficult that action was. You are my heroes. God bless you, keep it up – you are the promise of the holy land.

  61. Stuart says:

    Beautifully said, Rose.

  62. Stuart says:

    To the Disrupters and all who support them; Keep up the great work guys. Every Jewish voice raised against the crimes committed by Israel is worth a hundred non-Jewish voices.

  63. Atiq Hamid says:

    I am muslim and i am proud as well to have fellow jews like u guys :)

    who says its impossible for multireligous group to come together? history has also shown that its possible and it has been shown again in this video and we will continue making it a reality!

    god bless

  64. taib1 says:

    Bravo! Good to know that there are some courageous jews out there who will put themselves out unfearful of the consequences to bring the truth to light.

  65. taib1 says:

    I agree and a good response!

  66. mostly harmless says:

    Amazing courage and bravery, I applaud your actions, you have shown that not everyone is taken in by Israeli propaganda.

  67. hamed says:

    First I have to say,I am Iranian and Iranian never have problem with exist of Israeel.Historically Israeel could be our best friend in middle east for so many reasons as we were good friends before the islamic revelution in Iran.
    As you know at the moment we are up to make a change in our country and through away this fundemental goverment which rolling Iran with Sharie low.
    But we are against any sort of discrimination and anti human been behavior all over the world.Our problem is with Zionism not with Jewism.
    I do undrestand it is hard living with fundemental muslims who cant see anything else eccept the sharee low as we have this problem for more than 30 years in iran but you cant stop thinking people with gun and restriction,and as a country your goverment is in charge to teach peace and find a way for living with each others ,you never can stop this conflict ,using police or army force.
    If you want peace you have to pay the priceand undrestand the others opinion

  68. So proud of you…
    came tears to my old eyes.
    From Portugal, with LOVE
    Shalom, Salam, Peace
    David Pereira

  69. Dave says:

    Your Courage touch my heart, the decisionmakers control the mass and vew are awaken from their illusionary powers.
    Good things always start with a vew, truth, love and the cry for peace shall let it grow all over the world.
    Once the world shall be full of justice and peace, and thats our dream we all share.
    Wish you all the good, peace and love

    Dave Abdellah

  70. Miriam says:

    Thank you for taking that action during Netanyahoo’s speech.
    “IT’S ABOUT TIME!!” Bravo….long overdue!.
    These past 10 yrs many Americans came to awareness of what zionist expansionism, colonialism, occupation and ethnic cleansing means, especially as committed by the children & grandchildren of survivors of Nazi ethnic cleansing.. Thousands and thousands of innocent Palestinians have been killed, either in repeated military invasions of Gaza, closures within West Bank, or slowly, in near starvation and toxic environments (Gaza) or one by one at checkpoints or children picked off in a “slow genocide”.

    Good for this handful of young people….but ending this brutal apartheid system/death machine will take greater numbers –All peace loving, justice seeking human beings will soon overwhelm the obscene millions spent on hasbara /propaganda campaigns — until the TRUTH is blindingly obvious, even to Lieberman & his ilk.

  71. Jose says:

    I’m just back from Palestine and Israël and very shocked about what’s going on. Israel is not a democratise and behave very badly to al the people. Israel use al his people as a shild to try to get her hands on the whole country.
    Using young children in the army to control and humiliate the Palestinian people. What sort of message do the give to al the people, you are me enemy and I can kill you?
    Buying the land and houses of Palestinian people by rich people in America is a crime . Everything I’ve seen is a crime .

  72. Al says:

    I am an Iranian-American I am not so familiar with you guys neither with Mr Netianho The PM , The only thing I want to say is that it is time for both Iranian and israeli government to stop this dirty game that they are playing I personally believe that people need to realize that we all are making mistake to hate each other for abviously none sense reason . I am proud of all people those who are working or even thinking of peace . We , Iranian young are waiting for the day that we can freely shake your hands and enjoy a peacefull relation with you Israeli people and all other nations . wish you the best and hope that we can recognise each other culture and traditions a lot more . The lack of Information and knowing each other , is the perfect enviorment for those who doesnt want Peace between us . I think we need to start the contacts from some point and explore the contacts , so at some point the goverments can not even control it any more .wish you and all Israeili families Health and happiness and wish the Iranian Government Including all dinasor molas be wiped off the persian land once and for ever .

  73. dave says:

    Cool! Truth to power.

  74. Clif Brown says:

    I just watched the video interview with 4 of you after your excellent action.

    Young, Jewish, proud? Actually I’m old and a WASP, but I am very proud – of you as Americans. It’s all the more courageous that you are Jewish. Let others get excited about warplanes, flags and parades, as far as I am concerned what you did is an example of the best an American can be – an individual seeing injustice and acting openly to change it in spite of the risk.

    It was Vietnam in my day, but today the United States is fully implicated in the oppression and denial of human rights in the occupied territories. Silence in the face of it is unacceptable. How shameful that the President is more paralyzed on this issue than are you as “mere” citizens! There is much work to do especially on the utterly captive U.S. Congress that acts, through resolutions, letters to the President and endless appropriations regarding Israel, directly contrary to “freedom and justice for all”. You went right to the heart of the lobby, to its base of support, to literally speak truth to power. Land of the free and home of the brave? With what you did, that phrase lives. I couldn’t be prouder if you were my own kids.

  75. alex says:

    yasher koach, JVP.

  76. Marcus Hill says:

    My prayers and support are with you. You five do not stand alone. More of this must be done.

  77. June Avis Bro says:

    I am a Christian minister, 90 years old, and feel the Jewish heritage is my heritage, too. I love the prophets and leaders with their courage and high ideals. When the Jewish people first started claiming Israel, I was thrilled, and I watched the young state, expecting modern Israel to follow the passionate urging of their prophets of old for justice and peace, especially after the haulocaust. I have been very disappointed. The young people have done a courageous thng, honoring their fine tradition. May the world take notice and be inspired to start cleaning up injustices wherever they see it. Thank you, you blessed young people!
    June Bro

  78. Sameer says:

    Brave hearted said the truith

  79. Spence Halperin says:

    What a wonderfully successful action! Congratulations!

  80. Qais says:

    You are very brave people, The real Jewish that we know, All our support for you, just keep up the good work, to raise the voice of the silent Jewish majority.

  81. Vernon Vaz says:

    A Brave and dangerous move. Congratulations.

  82. kattia rebeca Castro Imelstein says:

    Im a jewish woman, ilive in south america, specifically in Chile and IM proud of you exist. It it so hard for jewish to see what israel do with palestinians. But Im jewish and I want to be proued always for it.
    Best wishes

  83. Rose says:

    I am neither Israeli, Jewish, Palestinian, or Muslim … I am Native American. I also have in me the blood and family history of people who persecuted and killed my indigenous ancestors and denied them an identity in our families genealogy for generations. Some even got awards, medals, and bounties for it.
    Sound familiar to any of you?

    The “two sides” to the question here are not the Jewish side and the Muslim side, not the Israeli side and the Palestinian side.

    The two sides are the human side and the inhuman side. As the Cherokee elders teach us, inside of each of us is a good wolf and a bad wolf, constantly fighting each other for mastery over our actions.
    Which wolf wins? The wolf that we feed.

    If there is one thing I know, it is that two wrongs do not make even one single right. We do not cure the evils of persecution and genocide by becoming abusers and evildoers ourselves. Each generation has the responsibility of breaking that evil cycle, of looking the truth in the eye of what we have become, and saying “today evil ends with me and I do not need anyone’s permission to do good.”

    The day that we stop saying that the only good Indian/Jew/Muslim is a dead one, is the first day we can say we are a human being. The day we can say, I have no excuse for the evil I have done, I have instead 6 billion reasons to remedy it … That is also the day that we can look at the evil we ourselves each have done and supported, and call it by name. No one is innocent.

    Until then, the animals, indeed the very earth, is ashamed of us.

    These young people have dared to rise in the face of a hall full of hatred and jubilant venom as blind as anything I have ever witnessed – and I have witnessed many such events. The face of racism is ugly no matter who wears it and no matter at whom it is directed. These children – and they are each our children – spoke truth and demanded that each and every person there look inside and ask themselves the hardest questions.
    And sadly, every person in that hall by the sounds of it, shamed themselves, the earth, and Spirit, by defending their own blind evil with hatred.

    They did not, however, shame those young people.

  84. William LeMoult says:

    Never, never give up.

  85. Janneke Weidema says:

    From South Africa which was liberated from apartheid thanks to, amongst other people, the likes of Bram Fischer,and Beyers Naude who spoke and acted prophetically from within their own Afrikaner community: well done, we love you.

  86. naomi paz greenberg says:

    Thank you for your clarity and integrity. As a 60 year-old Jewish Quaker, I am not so much proud as unashamed of the views we hold in common.

    I cannot be shamed into silence with accusations of antisemitism or self-hatred.

    Nor can I be shamed into hatred of the angry people we saw in the video. They are also family.

    Naomi Paz Greenberg.

  87. Laila Namdarkhan says:

    I am pleased that there are those amongst the Jewish community who have the courage to speak about the injustices experienced everyday by Palestinian people both in Gaza and the West Bank. To-day in the UK Guardian there is a deeply troubling report of Palestinian families being ‘booted’ out of their rightful homes by people who call themsleves settlers , but who are in fact Colonisers. As they forceably eject Palestinian people, aided by the Israeli amrmed forces and police, the ‘settlers’ treat the Palestinian dispossessed to a barage of vile verbal abuse.

    Until these Human Rights are stopped and Justice for all is returned we shall have to carry on protesting and challenging the Zionist movement about their illegal occupation of Palestinian historical lands and it begs the question, what actually do the Zionist lobby want???? Apart from total control overall of Palestine!!! The development of the David Theme ( how trite is that) park in the West bank on the back of the Palestinian homeless beggers belief!!!!!
    As for Max Narrative remarks…who is he calling Pagans? Who is he to judge protesters right to protest, they live in USA not Israel, where legitmate protest is still a right even thought this protest was done under great duress, it seems the majority of USA Jews donot want to hear as yet, the alternative narrative that lives and thrives under Zionist Jewish occupation in occupied Palestine. Has he never heard of ‘I disagree with what you are saying, but I will defend your right to say it’, it seems only one version of the experience in the Middle East is legitimate all other stories are silenced……a very dangerous kind of democracy…

  88. Eli Hamdan says:

    It’s been a very long time since I found any piece of news enjoyable, but watching the video above of your brave stance was exhilirating. Thank you for doing what you do, for posting and sharing what you do, and for being a voice for justice and equality.

  89. Brahim says:

    There still is good in this world and you my friends are the cream of the crop. I am touched by your courage in the face of overwhelming hate and falsehood that the state of Israel and its puppeteers are spreading in the US and around the world. May the Most Merciful be with you in all your steps to spread mercy in a land that has seen nothing but oppression and genocide for decades.


  90. Flavia says:

    I write from Brazil to tell you how deeply moving you are. Thank you for being so brave. Thank you for showing the world that people of conscience do exist. You are a great inspiration to me as I’m sure you are for many of us – jewish, palestinians or simply brasilians – who dream of a better world for everybody.

  91. mohammed says:

    Many thanks from the people of Ramallah, Hope the next Generations will live in peace and harmony. We all share the same values and we need to leave in peace side by side. GoodLuck

    Mohammed Barakat

  92. Stuart Ward says:

    Well done and congratulations on saying what needed to be said at exactly the right time and right place and with the right people. You, as young Jews, are able, more than anyone else, to bring about the necessary changes to achieve justice in the Middle East for all its peoples. You are courageous and you have set a fantastic example for everyone longing to stand up and be counted amongst the decent forces of humanity against the evil, destructive and ultimately self-defeating gangsters running Israel. Prejudice, racism and intolerance must be stopped wherever it occurs in the world and from whatever direction it comes.

  93. Maggie says:

    Good work and hope it works. Salaam wa alaikum and peace upon those who deserve peace.

  94. zee says:

    You guys are amazing! Keep up the awesome work! Peace doesn’t seem to be on the agenda for those in power and the only real way I can see it happening is through grass roots movements like this one! I know it is not easy to do what you guys did, but you did it anyway and your selfless actions are an example for all the world! You are truly a group of extraordinary human beings!

  95. Justin Morahan says:

    You were truly great. You have shown the world that today’s State of Israel and today’s Jews are not synonymous. You have joined the ranks of the brave Shministim within Israel who, like you, speak truth to ruthless power. Long life and happiness to you and yours. You give us all hope.

  96. Malcolm Searle says:

    I applaud you for your declaration of justice.
    I applaud you for your bravery to speak against a tide of conformity that is strangling the world and making people blind to a better future.
    I applaud you.

  97. Svi Shapiro says:

    I am inspired by the courage of these protestors–speaking out of our against the occupation and dehumanization of Palestinians–this is the authentic moral voice of our prophetic tradition. Netanyahu and his racist supporters betray Jewish ethics and our history.
    Well done!

  98. Augusta Clara Matos says:

    I’m a portuguese woman and I am so proud of you, your fight for justice in Palestine. You wonderful jews people who did this demonstration. Congratulations and go on. I always will be with you.

  99. Jean-Marie says:

    Congratulations for your courage in front of this poor guy




    You must know only less than 25 voices were free and no 33 for the vote of 181 on 1947 November 29th

    For the sake of the most elementary ethics we are obliged to be in favour of the non violent disappearance of the Jewish entity called Israel as soon as possible and for a non confessional sovereign and “democratic” Palestinian state going from the Mediterranean to the Jordan at least, including “of course”, between others, ex Israeli from more or less ancient and proved ancestry with exactly the same rights as Palestinians from arab ancestry
    It’s the one justice

  100. vanessa makieh says:

    Thank you, for standing up for what you believe in and may the day come when the whole world opens their eyes and not see race, religion but that we are human beings that we all belong and have a right to live in peace. Thank you again for your bravery.

  101. Ricardo Corrales Sáenz says:


  102. Mahmoud says:

    Indeed it is a moving and inspiring moment in the history of the Middle east conflict. Honestly speaking we are all proud and honored by such amazing guys. Long live justice and peace and great shame on war criminals and children’s killers

  103. Thomas Birch says:

    You are such brave, good people. People who understand that standing up for your beliefs isn’t the same as parroting what your leaders say. People who aren’t afraid to disagree with their peers. Our world needs more people like you. Thank you.

  104. Kieth says:

    Thanks for blasting that lying scum Netanyahu….

  105. Andy Lythgoe says:

    Being Jews speaking out against Zionism and its human rights abuses etc, by definition you are amongst the most courageous people on earth. Your actions are indeed inspirational and you should be very proud of your actions.

    Because of AIPAC, the weight of US tax dollars funding Israel and US politicians beholden to Zionist-inspired financial backing etc, it is from America that the reaction against the current policies of the State of Israel must probably first come.

    Keep going!

  106. Edward E. Daub says:

    I am a Presbyterian USA. A group of us have been studying a 2009 publication of our church: Steadfast Hope: The Palestinian Quest for Just Peace. It has a detailed text about the dire circumstance of the Palestinians and it includes an 80 minute DVD graphically depicting those circumstances. The most depressing aspect of that DVD is the last part which shows the utter unconscionable destruction of Palestinian homes. We have been depressed because the protests of the international community, most specifically the UN Resolutions, are ignored by Israel with no cost whatever to Israel’s prosperity and support of the United States. We thank you for giving us some hope that all is not lost in the quest for a just peace by the Palestinian people.

  107. Bashimar Brian says:

    Bravo to all of you guys! you’re such a great hope for palestinians people who are under oppress by the most wanted criminal and most liar Mr. Netanyahu. his lies shouldn’t be tolerated. as a Young Filipino Muslim, you can count on my support too. May Allah gives you more strength and courage to continue your voices for Freedom and Peace!

  108. Stefania Sinigaglia says:

    I am happy that such protests can arise and hope they may make an inroad, but I am myself so disgusted by israeli continuing and worsening pursuance of evil and injustice that lately I have not felt like any more to do much, apart from reading and sharing, while I used to be a public speaker for Palestinian rights. I feel too ashamed and discouraged, good that others have still the force to raise their voices.

  109. Abdulrahman says:

    You have no idea how many people you have inspired.
    as a Palestinian living abroad i salute you.

    The actions of isralie government must be shownm to public and jewish people living around the globe must realize that and correct it. the Holocaust is happening nowdays for palestinians. Together we can stop it and show the world that we can change this.


  110. Toby Blome says:

    Thank you for your courage and strength and commitment to justice and human rights for all. You are our role models. Keep up the good fight. We love you!

  111. Joan Ferrante says:

    This is the Jewish commitment to social justice I had grown up admiring and had grieved to see buried under the fear of such attacks. But you have brought it to the fore once again. Bravi.

  112. Anne says:

    What more can I say? My heart is full. Today the sun is shining, there is hope. Your courage will move mountains– change has to come from within. You are the heroes, the Ones who will see peace and justice.

  113. Jose Lairet says:

    Keep up your good work. The World as we conceive is about to change and you are doing your part. May the Oneness bless you for your work, light the path you walk through and give you wisdom to make others understand there is only one God for everyone and all: LOVE

  114. farooq says:

    …I deeply share your sentiment..Jews are as honorable as Muslims and Christians are…if only we all learn this simple fact and live peacefully on this planet which is so precious and vulnerable..

  115. Dima says:

    I just found out about you and am more than proud that people such as yourselves exist in the world today. I am from the south of Lebanon and my uncle died in one of the wars with Israel and the fact that there are Israelis among you willing to speak out reasserts my faith in humanity. Thank you for that.

  116. ANDRES CATELLA says:


  117. Midge O' says:

    I look for the day when it no longer requires courage and sacrifice for Palestinians to enjoy a full life in their own homeland!

  118. Willy De Jongh says:

    I, coming from Belgium; living on this blue pearl am also against violence and injustices, congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!

  119. David Taylor says:

    Although a non-believer, I salute your bravery and your ideals. Long may you flourish.

  120. mariaana fieandt-jäntti says:

    Thank you in solidarity. It is time to have courage of one’s sense of justice. You are an inspiring example.

  121. Sister Clare Agnes Vance says:

    Well done all of you! I feel you are 21st century prophets, telling the leaders about justice, peace and love. Keep going as you are doing now with courage. I will pray that you will touch the hearts and ears of those that need this kind of about-turn.

  122. Talya E. Jerusalem says:

    I’d like to echo the messages above and also say – Kol Hakavod! Chizkoo Ve’imtsu
    Watching this from Jerusalem moved me. Keep going

  123. Raymond Deane says:

    Congratulations on showing such courage. It is people like you who counteract the feeling of hopelessness that one yields to so easily! Please keep it up.

  124. Patrick Beckers says:

    Wonderful ! Tears in my eyes…You give hope and inspiration to those who fight injustice in the world. Through your action Israel may someday become an example in respecting human rights. Thank you, and keep going, that’s the way justice will eventually prevail.

  125. Gareth Smith says:

    How can you criticise Auschwitz if you were never incarcerated there? Your attitude is illogical and ahistorical. I do not have to experience the effects of evil myself, as a human I am able to empathise (even chimps can do this!) with those whose testimonies I witness.

  126. David says:

    I am Jewish, and Australian, and also feel very ostracised by the Jewish community here for my empathy for the Palestinians. I was brought to tears by the violent way in which your courageous attempts to speak out were stifled by security and onlookers. Especially after what the Jews have been through, we need to be able to speak freely against oppression. Congratulations on your bravery.

  127. This fills my heart with hope and love for mankind. Thank you so much. Embrace.

  128. Barbara says:

    Oh that we all had your courage
    hugs from barbara UK

  129. Marianne Northam says:

    I know what your parents said is true. The future depends on the truth being told not manipulation, deviseness and demonisation. Co-operation, reconciliation, respect and love will win through ultimately

  130. tk says:

    So brave. Thank you for inspiring me today.

  131. Susan says:

    As member of MachsomWatch, we are in the OPT every day, and we know the reality. It is great that there is support from the U.S. Hope your numbers grow…..

  132. James Jackson says:

    Thanks to you brave young people for the inspiration!

  133. Abez says:

    The bravery and courage that these protesters displayed, speaking out in a conference outnumbered a few hundred to a few is amazing. I salute your dedication to truth and justice, and wish you all the best and much success.

  134. CTPatriot says:

    Thank you for explaining and illustrating, with your tribal sanctimony, exactly why I no longer support Israel. It has, for too long now, been an unsympathetic and unaccountable attacker of Palestinians and usurper of their lands. I say this as a Jew whose family has been a huge supporter of Israel, and someone who once felt similarly. No more.

  135. Anne Gillespie says:

    Congratulations. I am not Jewish. I support Amnesty International, and feel deeply that world peace will only be possible if the Palestinian/Israeli issues resolve. It is utterly crucial to separate “Jewish” from the Israeli State, whose behaviour is a violation of human rights, and whose leaders deserve court action. Well done you young people, and keep up the wonderful work.

  136. Dr. Annette D'Armata says:

    Bless every step you take, every word you speak. You have honored us all with your dignified declaration and courageous interruptions of the fatal silence.

  137. Marty Eisenstein (Cantor) says:

    Kol Hakavod on your comitment and discipline! As the N.O. Police were there to save your hides from the angry mob of “Jewish Elders” why don’t you use the videos, registration lists and N.O. Judicial system and sue for those individuls who were violent for assult. God Bless America, God Bless Israel.

  138. ROMANA says:


  139. Glyn Oliver says:

    Such incredible bravery in the face of ugly bigotry.
    Thank you.

  140. Michelle says:

    Bravo! It restores my faith when young Jews support what is right and just instead of just blindly following the the Israeli Zionists plan to steal Palestinians land at all costs. The occupation of Palestine and the walls must come down. The world is watching, and the world majorty does not side with Israel. If it is peace Israel wanted, they would have negotiated successfully for it already. The answer has always been the same: stop the occupation and give back the land.

  141. Ken Winston says:

    Thank you for your brave pursuit of the truth. It is so heartening to hear young Jews speaking up. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  142. Talaat Gabr says:

    I salute the young jewish people for having the courage to confront the injustice . I’m British of Egyptian origin , I hope the day will come when all the sons of Ebraham live in peace and show a good example of peace and tolerance to the rest of the world . Thank you .

  143. Raphael Sperry says:

    I’m sure Palestinian parents feel the same way. Of course, since I haven’t lived in either Israel or Palestine I couldn’t possibly know anything about the feelings, motivations, or human rights of either Israelis or Palestinians, could I?

  144. Nadine says:

    Try living in Palestine. I bet your opinion would change too.

  145. Nadine says:

    I’ve been asked many times if I am really so idealistic as to believe that the Israel/Palestine conflict will ever be solved, and if I actually think that Israel will stop committing human rights violations. I always say yes of course, but we not without the help of conscientious Jews, like yourselves, standing up for what’s right and what’s true.
    What you guys did is amazing, courageous and heroic. It’s acts like this one that make people stop and think about what’s really going on. Thank you so much!

  146. Ned says:

    Like Rosa Parks, like Mandela, like the people of Bilin, your courageous protest inspires us to take the next step. You are changing the world. Bibi and those cheering him on are on the wrong side of history, for as King said, “the arc of history bends towards justice!”

  147. David Burrell says:

    Thank you for letting us all know that the spirit of Judaism can speak clearly in the face of unjustice, and for assuring us that such a spirit can emerge to face the deadly hand of conventional ‘loyalties’. And gratitude to those who expedited your act.

  148. Sarah says:

    It was an interesting surprise finding you (young proud Jews) who are obviously very different from some of the Jews I know. I am very interested in studying Judaism but most of the people I met on the internet (especially the orthodox ones in whom I was more interested) were very much anti Palestinian and pro -I should say- apartheid, strongly believing that Palestine is a G-d-given land to “only” those of the Jewish blood. There were some who seemed to be in favor of living in peace with Christians (only those who support Israel though) and who write beautiful things on their blogs about family life, G-d, health,….. but I always feel that I am only welcome if I comment in a way which pleases them, any other thing would either not get published or be looked down upon. With these people you cant question anything about Israel or the Israeli government (they can question whatever they want though and not accept it) and this is supposed to show the democracy which exists in Israel (one such blog is I wish more people like you could visit such blogs and help the owners, because I truly think that these people are in need of guidance. Much of their thoughts and ideas are based upon prejudice and one feels really sorry to see them not see the situation as it really is.

    By writing all the above I mostly wanted to say that I am glad to have found your group which looks like a totally new way of looking at Judaism and Israel.

    Good luck

  149. Maxine says:

    Thank you for this courageous action. As a Jew, I am so proud of you. It is so important that those in power and the entire world know that Netanyahu and Israeli policy does NOT speak for us. Thank you for giving voice to true Jewish values–justice and peace.

  150. Ned says:

    In the spirit of Gandhi, King, Mandela, Rosa Parks, your courage and speaking truth to power moves all of us.

  151. matan cohen says:

    Indeed- Roman my friend, I’m an Israeli and am proud to be apart of this action. If anything, living there makes you realize all the more the severity of the situation, and the deterioration of our society into apartheid and fascism….

  152. Interfaith Freedom Foundation says:

    You are the future!

  153. Peter Gardiner says:

    A desert can be a terribly harsh place. My favorite desert, Death Valley, receives rain and blooms only once every hundred years, on average. In between, tragedy often greets the visitor who underestimates the dangers.

    But when Death Valley blooms, its beauty is so compelling that it brings tears to eyes that have not shed tears in a very long time.

    JVP is a miraculous bloom on the terrible desert of Israel/Palestine relations. Long may JVP live, and prosper.

    At the moment, according to the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, the Doomsday Clock reads six minutes to midnight. We are urgently in need of an example of somehow persuading bitter enemies to achieve stable peace instead of escalating conflict. God speed JVP!

  154. Bob Brown says:

    I’m proud of you all, as fellow human beings who can access their deepest feelings and understanding of justice and compassion and then take action where there’s risk in taking action. You are examples for all of us of every ethnic and religious identity to claim our common, fundamental identity as human beings and act and speak from that place. God bless and empower you.

  155. J S says:

    From Lebanon, i thank you for standing up to the tyranny.

  156. Reza says:

    Keep up the good work guys! I only wish more people had the courage you guys do, to stand up and fight for what is right. The world would be a better place if more of us took action and we weren’t so complacent. We will be praying for you, this incredible cause, and the innocent people of Palestine. God bless.

  157. gowhar fazili says:

    Thank you! Because your actions inspire people under other occupations around the world and the youth of those occupying nations not to be complicit with the state through their silence.

  158. Aisha says:

    I raise my fist in solidarity. Your courage and bravery to speak the truth that is so often distorted by those in power-those crooked politicians-is inspiring.

  159. Gary Malone says:

    When David Hirst published the updated edition of his book The Gun and the Olive Branch, he made reference to an interesting little episode which took place in 2002. At the height of the second Intifada, Joe Lieberman invited Benajmin Netanyahu to address the US Congress. During his speech Netanyahu waxed indignant about the fact that pressure was being brought to bear on Israel to merely sit down for talks with the Palestinians. As Hirst wryly put it: “Thus was the plenipotentiary of America’s most lavishly indulged proteges invited to attack its patron from Capitol Hill itself.” [p. 39]

    This, in my opinion, is why the brave actions of YoungJewishProud during this Netanyahu visit are so hugely important. A small, essentially powerless group of young people – motivated solely by their own consciences – are speaking plain truths to Netanyahu about Israeli brutality and lawlessness that no member of the US Congress – which sits at the apex of political power – would dare to say in public. Actions like this – especially when they emanate from Jews – should surely shame the US government into taking a more evenhanded role in resolving the Israel/Palestine conflict.

    I must say that I found the reaction of the audience members most depressing. Even in a political gathering whose composition would be as right-wing as one expects from Mr. Netanyahu’s admirers, the spectacle of a Jew being cheered by onlookers as he tears up a peace-protester’s banner with his teeth is deeply dispiriting. Such behaviour has no place in civil discourse.

    But there is comfort to be taken. As indicated by Mr. Netanyahu’s stumbling, nonsensical riposte that for some, “Israel is guilty until proven guilty”, he has been knocked off balance by this experience. You have made the message clear: no longer can an instransigent Israeli prime minister expect to speak ex parte to an audience of Jews and expect nodding assent all round.

    As for the protesters themselves, when I saw your action, I felt like cheering. It takes tremendous courage to enter into a forum in which you know you will be received with hostility, jeered, abused and eventually ejected. It takes extraordinary single-mindedness of purpose and moral bravery to go against the crowd, particularly when the crowd is your own. For this, you all deserve full credit. You are standing up for your values; and to do so from within an Israel-as-victim narrative takes far more backbone than Mr. Netanyahu – as a “lavishly indulged protege” – will ever find. Don’t stop now.

  160. David Smith says:

    1.Freedom of speech includes the responsibility of not interrupting others’ speech. While these actions gain publicity, it is actually notoriety, and to be shunned. By taking these actions, you make it easy to ignore your (most worth-while, I believe) positions; how can one take seriously the statements of a group that claims to be serving justice when it is proud of imposing its will by force (shouting out interruptions) on others; Netanyahu has the right to speak. Interruptions like these have often been the tactics of totalitarians, left and right, viz Nazis in Weimar Germany, a list you do not want to join. How JVP would respond when a group of settlers interrupts with shouts of treason, etc, and prevents your rights to have a meeting.

    2. Just as you should respect the rights of others in order to be taken seriously, you should also respect language. Do you really mean Israel is not legitimate — i.e. deserves to disappear — because there are settlements? Should the United States have disappeared when there was slavery? What I believe you mean (as do I) that Israel is wrong in the occupation, in the other ways you point out, and must change; using words like “deligitimize”, implying the disappearance of Israel, is not what I think you mean, and to use this kind of language, further distances your message from being taken seriously by thoughtful people.

    The path of Fanon, and the Bolsheviks, and “Ends justify the means”, is a slippery slope that leads to perdition. Please don’t destroy your valuable Voice for Peace by basking in your press coverage and YouTube hits and your blog responses; these are not your goals. To make people take seriously your positions requires a different, more responsible path. (See, for example, the petition of Support by well known American artists for the Israeli artists boycotting presentations in the West Bank; this highlighted the most important fact that JVP’s position has strong support in Israel, and that Jews here support that position. No dramatic YouTube stuff, but much more effective in achieving true goals…..)

  161. Jeschke says:

    The young folk who interrupted Netanyahu’s speech follow a bold tradition of prophetic critiques and symbolic acts of Israel’s ancient prophets, like Jeremiah and Ezekiel.

  162. Tom Pessah says:

    Roman, our friends called on Netanyahu not to ignore the occupation and other forms of injustice. That’s such a simple, basic idea that you don’t need years of experience to be able to express it. As it happens, the people who participated in this action have been numerous times both to Israel and to the West Bank – whereas many Israelis haven’t set foot in the territories and are ignorant about the conditions there, beyond empty cliches you get from the mainstream media.

    As someone who lived over thirty years in Israel, and has also been numerous times to protests in the territories, I fully support their message: these problems won’t go away, no matter how much Netanyahu and the big Jewish establishment organizations try to ignore them. They need to be tackled head-on and resolved, for the sake of Palestinians and Israelis alike.

  163. Evelyn says:

    Salam, peace, shalom
    Your courage and integrity brings hope stronger to my heart. Slowly, slowly more Jewish people are starting to speak out, risking the attacks that their convictions can bring upon them. It is people like you who will be able to call the Israeli leadership to responsibility, but it takes enormous courage, for criticism of Israel by Jews is the most dangerous to those who lead present policy. Stay strong, we support you and count on you.

  164. Mara says:

    My only worry is about the Palestinian people, I want the israeli government pays for all the misfortune that has been causing to the Palestinians, I want israel stop invading Palestinian lands and return already taken, I want a free Palestine, sovereign and happy without the yoke of this monster killer s babe. Unfortunately no one can return the babies, mothers, fathers, grandparents and all the lives cruelly crushed by israel, but it must to stop. Free Palestine, already!

  165. Hasmig says:

    You cannot imagine the many positive consequences this action will have. Keep acting to affirm life and for peace. Famous American anti-war activist and prolific writer, Fr. Dan Berrigan has always said, “Act without regard for consequences, but because it’s the right thing to do.” Bravo.

  166. Awesome indeed!! Motivational dudes and dudettes!!!

  167. Hiam says:

    Long Life PALESTINE
    No matter what PALESTINE is coming back on the map
    Fear no one just God……

  168. god dammit says:


  169. Beverly Furnival says:

    Your bravery is beautiful to behold! The Truth will not be stopped. I pray that a groundswell of young people will overwhelm the mighty. It is the only thing that can stop them. It stopped the Viet Nam War in my country.

  170. Glyn Nicholas says:

    Your righteous courage marks you as the forerunners of an Israel that can stand before the world and not be ashamed or vilified.

  171. M.Nour says:

    You are the future not only of Jewish people , but all people who respect human dignity. You filled my heart with hope and belief that the good in people will overcome evil and put the whole world on peace footing.

  172. chinarose says:

    Bravo to all who participated speaking truth to power. Netanyahu is nothing but a gangster & war criminal. You have told the truth and you are beautiful. Keep up the good work and remember you are more than Jews – you are engaged, conscientious citizens of the world.
    Thank you for confronting the lies and horrors of Zionism. Free Palestine!

  173. Melinda Huntley says:

    I just watched the whole piece again and am struck by not only the courage but the strategy and planning that was executed! I am so proud of all of you, I am a Canadian woman concerned about peace in the Middle East. Thank you for your leadership and let’s keep it alive!

  174. Mark Schneider says:

    You are heroes! Thank you for your bravery. You give me hope.

  175. Lon Withers says:

    Good job. You did a brave and dangerous thing. Your message needs to be said loudly and many, many times. Thank You.

  176. We need many like you to inspire youth around the world who will stand up for G-d And G-d’s children. We are All children of the creator.

    I Am 71 And I Am proud of All of you. It will be the youth that will stand strong with G-d and Lead us out of the wilderness.

  177. Mohamed El-Sharkawy says:

    Fantastic, keep up the good work….. It is time for a change…. Positive changes…… Let’s get rid of all old Grinchs and have YOUNG people from both sides to set down and talk real peace. There is no land worthy of killing an innocent child regardless of which side of the fence he or she is.

  178. DWAYNE KING says:


  179. Arye Finkle says:

    As a graduate of the Machon L’Madrichei Chutz L’Aretz in Jerusalem and an ex-member of the UK mazkirut of Habonim Hatnua Ham’uchedet and as, since the start of the Occupation in 1967, an ex-Zionist, I say to the chaverim of Young Jewish Proud in the US: WELL DONE!
    Solidarity, ~ Arye

  180. Rada Daniell says:

    You have lifted my spirits. You have told Netanyahu that he can not sell us his lies any more and that he only speaks for Zionists. Jewish nation should be proud of you-you will be a bright spot on a dark history Israel is creating as we speak!

  181. Roland de Aenlle says:

    I was overwhelmed with the events I saw by the demonstrators
    in New Orleans. At last Jews are standing up again for civil rights and justice. You have motivated me now and I have forwarded your email to 14 of my friends and family. We stand with you and commend you for your courage. you can count on our support. This is the beginning.

  182. Hasnain says:

    Fantastic. Amazing work. I hope one day those people will realize that the world is against their acts.

  183. Haya says:

    This almost brought me to tears, thank you.

  184. Jewish Defense says:

    I thought this site would be representing a totally different spectrum with a name like “YoungJewishProud”. This site has some great concepts but uses them to represent the wrong side completely. Our worst enemy is those from within. To stand with Palestinians in solidarity is one thing but when you act like them against Israel is something different and wrong as a Jew representing being a proud Jew. “This is not our birthright” – is not a very Proud Jewish Statement to Promote on your Site.

  185. Pat Sax says:

    Thank you. Because of your action and others to follow, one day I will not have to be ashamed of Israel.

  186. Anna says:

    I am so proud of you. A Muslim friend posted this to Facebook with a quote from Deutoronomy “Justice – always Justice” so many Americans, Jewish, Muslim, Christian and other are with you.

  187. Nel says:

    I salute the Jewish people that took a stand on Netanyahu’s Speech.
    It may prove that Jewish life is not dead yet, that Jews are not Political Zionism’s sheep.
    If the Zionists label you as “Jewish Haters”, pray for them. I join you for you are Human Jews, like any other mortals. I know it is very hard for the Jews to dissent, the Zionist are more punitive to you than they are to Christian o Muslin.

  188. Ali says:

    What a truly inspirational act of courage! My heart has always ached for the suffering of my Palestinian brothers and sisters in the occupied territories but I can tell you from the depths of my soul that I feel just as equal kinship to my Jewish brother’s and sisters protesting in this video. Your voices may have angered a few in that room but it has gained you the brotherhood and love of thousands around the planet! Your actions restore my faith in humanity and ultimately justice. From your brother and supporter, Salaam, Shalom.

  189. Marlene says:

    Thank You Brave Young Ones! Thank You for Having the Courage of Your Convictions!
    May you know many blessings!
    May you live to see great peace!

  190. Tema says:

    As a Jew, I am very proud of you for speaking truth to power. You give me faith that we can reclaim Jewish identity as synonymous with justice rather than one focused on a false security based in silences about the cost of that security to our hearts and souls. Thank you. Thank you.

  191. Mohammed says:

    Love to you all brave Young Jews from Nablus in the Occupied Palestine. Hope peace will come soon to Palestinians and Jews..

  192. Majd says:

    You inspire me. Thank you.

  193. Chaim says:

    Young and idealistic and smart is great. But wisdom comes only with experience. Jews living in the USA still can only imagine and believe that they understand the situation. You only understand it after you live it. Once you have responsibility for your childrens’ safety and well being, you become a bit less sympathetic for those trying to kill them. When you don’t have an EL AL flight back to the USA available to you when the bombs start exploding, security of your family takes precedence over concern for an unsympathetic attacker, regardless of his motives.

  194. Hannah Frisch says:

    All Right!

  195. gabi says:

    You are the ones of the very few voices who are bringing back some dignity to the now-a-days jews. whenever you stand up for us palestinians you are building a better and safer home and life for yourselves. you made me feel that the world still have a chance.thank you

  196. flavio marcio says:

    Hey folks,
    My Hebrew feeling is you are great!
    Unfortunately, in spite our ancestors had been brutalised victims in the course of History, nowadays huge crowds of Jews around the world have abandoned the humanist tradition.
    Now, they are inclined to mimic the worst practices of racism and discrimination, especially against our cousins, the Palestinian people.
    But, racism and discrimination have to be stopped!
    Congratulations, youngsters, for you courage to speak up!

  197. Jamie Closson says:

    I am so proud of you wonderful, courageous young people. I hope that there are many more in your generation that want peace and justice for all.

  198. Al yesiller says:

    Thank you for standing for the weak you guys are leaders of our future may many more follow your foot steps..

  199. captain ken says:

    You renew my faith in humanity

  200. Rosemary Agonito says:

    What an inspiration these young Jewish protesters are. Israeli treatment of Palestinians and the occupation has long been an abomination – far, far worse than most people realize.

  201. Manny says:

    My family lived in Israel as far back as 1809 and some still live there. One of my Israeli cousins is a leader of Women in Black. I also lived in Israel for a year 35 years ago. I decided when I left that I would not go back until the Israelis stopped treating the Palestinians as inferiors. I am still waiting. I miss seeing my Israeli cousins, but some things are more important.

  202. Franck (Moshe) Kamoun says:

    I’m so proud of you all!! You think of tomorrow, you act for tomorow; you act justly. Be proud of the courage you showed, unparalleled in our days. We have gone fully into groupthink, you show us we can do otherwise! Peace unto you, Israel & Palestine!

  203. Andy Berman says:

    I was deeply moved by your courage in this protest. You reflect the best of Jewish values that are the best part of my heritage and upbringing. Thank you for speaking out with dignity and truth to those who betray our heritage.

  204. Talia says:

    This actually, as a Palestinian, embarrassed me.

    You’re not helping the cause by heckling and other means of harassment.


    YOU ARE REALLY GREAT !!!!!!!!!!
    KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!

  206. Peige D says:

    So proud of you all! I am active on my campus in Canada and I know how hard it is to speak out when you are met with blatant hostility. Keep doing what you are doing!

  207. Fslade says:

    Congratulations for your fair and clever answer. Straight to the point.

  208. Aunt Deb says:

    Thank you.

  209. gabrielaa. says:

    the occupation delegitimizes Israel
    *keep up the good work*
    shalom / salam

  210. IF Netanyahu were a leader, instead of holdling on to outdated “power equals right” beliefs, he would have invited them to the podium and addressed their concerns. These protesters are the future of Isreal. To dismiss them, and drive them away, only intensifies the polarization, and turns the world against their police state tactics.

    Is this not similar to the protesters in Tiananmen Sqare?

    How can we come together? ?

  211. Nina Deen says:

    This act of courage is so inspirational: may God strengthen you all to continue upon your fight for truth, justice and peace. Ameen.

  212. Rachel Roberts says:

    Two of the protesters who disrupted were Israeli citizens and one was from an Israeli family. All were Jewish and that should be enough, considering that Israel purports to be the state for the Jewish people. You have no right to take our symbols and our ancestors’ history of oppression and use these as a shield for your bad deeds. We will not let you, we will take our identity back, we will end this!

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  214. Peter Unterweger says:

    An inspiring protest! The issues with which you challenged Netanyahu’s platitudes and distortions were excellently chosen. Congratulations on a great success!

  215. Sarah says:

    I live here. I understand the situation from within. This chocolate is nauseating, and I support them completely.

  216. Gary says:

    May G-d bless you all. You all have been blessed with a truly unique and powerful sense of courage and commitment for justice.

  217. Racheli Gai says:

    Many of us lived in Israel in the past, and some of the protesters still live there. So, the idea that if we lived there we would know the “real truth”, which evades us otherwise, is bogus.
    Actually, the idea that we all have to “live” somewhere before we have a right to an opinion is utterly false. Did we have to be a Jew in a concentration camp before we had the right to an opinion about the Holocaust?

  218. Ra'ed Husseini says:

    Salam.. I’m a Palestinian and I salute you. I salute your brave souls.. your courage.. your humanity.. my parents used to tell me how jews, christians and muslims lived side by side when they were in Palestine.. took care of each other’s children.. visited together and were good, loving neighbors.. I pray that one day we will win that back.. seeing this brought tears of joy to my eyes.. gave me hope that there is sanity within us all.. telling words of how i feel escape me.. all I can think of is.. may peace and mercy be upon you..

  219. I have played that vid several times….and feel invigorated by your actions….thank you for being YOU…you beautiful young strong people who believe in peace, fairness and equality



  220. Dear all members of the Young yewish Proud,
    Let me start to tell you, that I am as a Dutch Jew, active in the Dutch Jewish Group: A Different Jewish Voice, are very proud on all of you!!!
    Keep going on. You in the US, we in the Netherlands and Europe will have in the future more and more support.
    It is just a matter of time. Lets go on to prove that a better society in Israel for all its inhabitants is possible, that a independant Palestinian state beside Israel is no dream but will be a reality. Lets go in making a tikun Olam for all of us.
    With support of the words of your Preseident of the USA : yes we can !!!
    Good luck to all of you

    Raymond Nethe

  221. duarte says:

    Congratulations. I was so proud seeing you all.
    Thank you

  222. Melvyn Burton says:

    Fantastic, keep up the good work.

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  224. Roman says:

    Why don’t you first come to live here and understand the situation from within and only then express your opinions. and who knows, perhaps when you’ll live here, your opinions would change?!

    Same as if you never tasted chocolate, how can you critic its taste?

  225. Ryan Erev says:

    I am so moved and honored by this action. Thank you so much. I am inspired by my personal Jewish values and know that you awakened many others-It matters a lot.

  226. Hadeel Said says:

    I really want to commend all of you on your courage and confidence, I know how hard it must have been to stand against such a powerful crowd. Thank you for showing the world that not only Palestinians are against Israeli injustices.

  227. nader paul kucinich gravel mckinney says:

    Criminals can no longer show their face in public.

  228. KUDOS!!

    I am so proud of your actions in confronting the voice of evil with the voice of righteousness.

    It is critical to confront hasbara lies vigorously and without hesitation otherwise, the lies morph into ‘truths’… our recent elections a case in point.

    Viva Palestina!