The Young Jewish Declaration is a project created by young leaders within Jewish Voice for Peace, America’s largest Jewish grassroots peace group dedicated to reaching a just peace between Israelis and Palestinians based on the principles of equality and international human rights law.

Contact us at stefanie@jvp.org

We work with activists in Palestine and Israel, and in broad coalition with other Jewish, Arab-American, faith-based, and peace and social justice organizations to support the aspirations of Israelis and Palestinians for justice, security and self-determination.

Jewish Voice for Peace calls for:

  • A U.S. foreign policy based on promoting peace, democracy, human rights, and respect for international law
  • An end to the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and East Jerusalem
  • A resolution of the Palestinian refugee problem consistent with international law and equity
  • An end to all violence against civilians
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20 Responses to About

  1. Rabbi Jonathan Klein says:

    This is such a painful situation for all. My parents, who worked tirelessly for the establishment of the state after the Shoah and continued to fundraise for it into the fifties, are just generationally stuck in a belief that Israel is continuously being delegitimized by forces seeking its destruction, not recognizing the ways we have delegitimized ourselves through our treatment of those with so much less power. I don’t blame them for their worldview, however…it really wasn’t so long ago (relative to their many years on the planet) when Israel was in danger of annihilation. I also do think that Iran poses a real threat, not only to Israel but to the entire world.

    That being said, we see here a younger generation of activists who are finally taking ownership of THEIR Jewish State and standing for what is just and right. I only wish that the BDS movement doesn’t completely take a wrecking ball to ALL of Israel in the process of combatting its ethical failures.

    Love of Israel should mean love of humanity; we are (sometimes it feels like “were”) an Or L’Goyim through our elevation of humanity, not through our zero-sum battle for land.

    Love to all of you!


  2. Oystein Gronning says:

    How difficult is this, really? How hard is it, really, to chose right from wrong? Go, Emily! In a world where polarization has soooo many proponents, we really need you. I am proud to know you. Be sure of my support.

  3. Rk says:

    I am African American, and my ancestors have struggled through slavery, terrorism by the KKK, etc. I hope Jews and Palestinians can find a two state solution. I know many will disagree with me, but Isreal wants a state for it’s people, and Palestine for it’s people. Each state with equal land distribution, jobs, housing and health care. The rest of the Arab world needs to put their profits from oil to help their fellow Muslim brothers and sisters. Jews, Christians and Muslims have been fighting for centuries, and I don’t see it changing. The US needs to stop funding Isreal. Plenty of wealthy American Jews can give the JNF and other organizations without the help of AIPAC. I wish things could be different, but I don’t see how you guys will ever get along. As long and people are attached to their religion/ethnic identity, how can things change?

  4. Gaby S. says:

    This website is disrespectful and disgusting.
    I’m a proud Jew, and what you did at the GA leaves such a disgusting taste in my mouth.
    You can think whatever you want, but don’t you have any respect for where you were or Netanyahu at all?
    Do you think he listened to you, or cared at all? He could actually care less about you screaming and going on in a very important speech. Your lack of professionalism actually makes people not want to listen or work with you. You looked like a bunch of babies screaming out there who had to have your mommy and daddy take you out. Too bad they couldn’t put you in timeout where you belong.
    I have no problem with you going about your cause in a PEACEFUL manner (since that’s what you preach after all). It just all seems a bit hypocritical.
    And, oh yea- Palestine is not a state- Please don’t call it that. It’s Israel. When Palestine is a country, you can refer to it as such.
    Good luck with your efforts. Thank you.

  5. When Jordan controlled the West Bank and East Jerusalem, it extended citizenship to all those who lived there. That is why it was an annexation, not an occupation. Israel is Occupying East Jerusalem because there was no official agreement on the land, and the Palestinians living there were granted a very precarious “residency” of Jerusalem (which they have to renew constantly and which is often taken away for very silly reasons).

    Tel Aviv would be considered occupied if the Arabs who lived there were not given full citizenship. Since they do, in many ways, have a second class citizenship on the ground, maybe it should be…

  6. Nomi says:

    I will be sharing this link and encouraging people to watch the video on my blog. My readership is tiny, but your example is heartening and hopeful, and many of us are isolated and despairing.

    Thank you for this work and art.

  7. Marion L. says:

    Dear Paula Blake:

    I’m a proud Jew who is against the occupation and proud of the young Jews who wrote this statement. However, your reference to a “holocast [sic.] of the trapped Palestinians and Christians” is offensive and counterproductive. Occupation is bad enough without false analogies that inflame tensions and alienate potential supporters.

  8. Eric Brooks says:

    Nonsense. Power concedes nothing without a demand. Neither Elites nor the complacent will budge, until they feel -real- discomfort.

  9. It may seem that way to some people. To others, these are completely appropriate actions to end the mistreatment of Palestinian people, just as they were completely appropriate actions to end Apartheid in South Africa.

    Violently expelling peaceful Christian and Muslim families from their homes is completely inconsistent with the Jewish moral principles I was taught in Hebrew school.

  10. Tessa Blaikei says:

    I was in Palestine and Israel last year and hope to go back with http://www.eappi.org again next year! I would love to be kept up to speed on your great work! Your nonviolent resistant at Netanyahu’s speech was incredible and well organized! You are a light in a dark time for people of all faiths and all places!
    Blessings to you! You’re voice should be heard and brightened my day! love love love

  11. Jewish Defense says:

    My Organization based in Beverly Hills would like to challenge your Organization to a debate over your Core Principles. Based on your statement to end the occupation of East Jerusalem, Do you know who controled it in 1949-1966? Jorden. So why did he go to war in 1967? Well maybe to “Occupy” West Jerusalem as well. Could you also explain to me how in your logic Tel Aviv should not be considered Occupied Territory as well?

  12. Paula Blake says:

    Finally, strong youth of the Jewish faith will be the heros of this holocast of the trapped Palestinians and Christians under siege and being treated like dogs as the whole world watches. Bless all of them and let us all support their efforts financially and with our prayers. They are angels and should be treated as such. May God help and protect them.

  13. Ghassen Ben Khelifa says:

    I am Arab and I am so proud to see what you are doing for real justice and peace. With brave people as you these words can have a meaning… keep up the good work YJP! thanks.

  14. Marc Feldman says:

    Boycotts, divestiture, sanctions, and heckling deligitimizes the Peace Movement.

  15. Daisy says:

    Thank you all for your courage to stand up for justice. Your actions help me believe there are still good hearted people out there. Thank you!

  16. David Cohen says:

    I commend you work. Keep it up!

  17. Sahyooni says:

    Why only a resolution to “Palestinian refugees” but no resolution to the Jewish refugees of the conflict?

  18. Peter Wilson Lake Okareka NZ says:

    You are about to travel a long hard road. Ignore diversions. Keep up the struggle as peace can only be reached through justice.
    Kia kaha e hoa
    (Be strong friend)

  19. Wonderful to see your work. Check out Shomer Shalom. I have been a member of the advisory
    board of JVP since its inception and am thrilled to see your voices emerge as a ‘force more powerful.’
    Blessings on all your endeavors,

    Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb

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