The Young Jewish Declaration

A vision of collective identity, purpose and values written by and for young Jews committed to justice in Israel and Palestine. It is an invitation and call to action for both our peers and our elders, launched as a counter-protest at the 2010 Jewish Federation General Assembly in New Orleans.

I. we exist.

We exist. We are everywhere. We speak and love and dream in every language. We pray three times a day or only during the high holidays or when we feel like we really need to or not at all. We are punks and students and parents and janitors and Rabbis and freedom fighters. We are your children, your nieces and nephews, your grandchildren. We embrace diaspora, even when it causes us a great deal of pain. We are the rubble of tangled fear, the deliverance of values. We are human. We are born perfect. We assimilate, or we do not. We are not apathetic. We know and name persecution when we see it. Occupation has constricted our throats and fattened our tongues. We are feeding each other new words. We have family, we build family, we are family. We re-negotiate. We atone. We re-draw the map every single day. We travel between worlds. This is not our birthright, it is our necessity.

II. we remember.

We remember slavery in Egypt, and we remember hiding our celebrations and ritual. We remember brave, desperate resistance. We honor a legacy of radical intellectuals and refugees. We remember the labor movement. We remember the camps. We remember when we aged too quickly. We remember that we are still young, and powerful. We remember being branded as counterrevolutionaries in one state and hunted during the red scare of another. We remember our ancestors’ suffering and our own. Our stories are older than any brutal war. We remember those who cannot afford to take time to heal. We remember how to build our homes, and our holiness, out of time and thin air, and so do not need other people’s land to do so. We remember solidarity as a means of survival and an act of affirmation, and we are proud.

III. we refuse.

We refuse to have our histories distorted or erased, or appropriated by a corporate war machine. We will not call this liberation. We refuse to knowingly oppress others, and we refuse to oppress each other. We refuse to be whitewashed. We will not carry the legacy of terror. We refuse to allow our identities to be cut, cleaned, packaged nicely, and sold back to us. We won’t be won over by free vacations and scholarship money. We won’t buy the logic that slaughter means safety. We will not quietly witness the violation of human rights in Palestine. We refuse to become the mother who did not scream when wise King Solomon resolved to split her baby in two. We are better than this. We have ancestors to honor. We have allies to honor. We have ourselves to honor.

IV. we commit.

We commit ourselves to peace. We will stand up with honest bodies, to offer honest bread. We will stand up with our words, our pens, our songs, our paintbrushes, our open hands. We commit to re-envisioning “homeland,” to make room for justice. We will stand in the way of colonization and displacement. We will take this to the courts and to the streets. We will learn. We will teach this in the schools and in our homes. We will stand with you, if you choose to stand with our allies. We will grieve the lies we’ve swallowed. We commit to equality, solidarity, and integrity. We will soothe the deepest tangles of our roots and stretch our strong arms to the sky. We demand daylight for our stories, for all stories. We seek breathing room and dignity for all people. We are committed to the struggle. We are the struggle. We will become mentors, elders, and radical listeners for the next generation. It is our sacred obligation. We will not stop. We exist. We are young Jews, and we get to decide what that means.

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267 Responses to The Young Jewish Declaration

  1. Charles says:

    You can’t scream against every outrage. You have to choose your battles.
    Unfortunately, Israel claims to speak for me as a Jew. Since Israel makes that claim, and the rest of the world looks at my yarmulke and sees “Israeli,” I become accountable for Israel’s actions. I am therefore particularly sensitive to the injustices that Israel performs.
    By calling itself “the Jewish state,” any time Israel sins, it is as if I have sinned. Therefore, I must hold Israel accountable in a way that I need not hold Turkey accountable. Yes, it’s a double-standard. But I have no choice. If the state of Israel continues to call itself mine, whether I want it or not, I am responsible for its actions.

  2. Zayeet Zait says:

    It is so precious to continue the heritage of playful and courageous, disruptive and loud resistance. Viva! And may we together create a world of love not division, of creativity not righteousness, of connection to nature not war.

  3. nora says:

    I am not Jewish, i am a Palestinian Muslim girl, i am really moved by what i have read because i have always heard that not all Jewish people hate Us and want us out of Palestine but i have never seen it… and its good to know that there are such people… its fair to say that Zionist people are the ones who had done the harm not jews… and i have to disagree with johnny on the idea that isreal is not an occupying force because, Jewish people have been living in the palestinian lands for a long time and their nationality was palestinian since jewdism is not a nationality its a religion and they lived along with muslims and christains… and there was no war and no killing until the movements in which jewish people emigrated from all over the world to come to palestine and they started building their own settlements… and afterwards the war started and people were killed and moved from palestine… so if its anything it is colonization…

    and once again i thank you guys for finally making it clear about what Jewish people think… and i wish you the best of luck in this movement…

  4. Richard says:

    Excellent Proclamation. Good luck with your work in the name of justice

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  6. Jacob says:

    Sorry Cindy, but I am a young Jew on the other side of this fight, and will work as hard and tough as any other to make sure that Israel is criticized fairly, and with the same standards as any other country. If you want to criticize Israel’s actions that resulted in the deaths of 100 civilians, and call for boycott and divestment, then you better first scream your lungs out when Turkey kills 1,000 Kurds every few weeks. But of course, you know and care nothing about this. Sorry, but enough is enough. The double standard must end.

  7. Johnny says:

    Do not reach for the tissues so soon. These “young Jews” do not represent even a small fraction of young Jews. I am an American Jew (Reformed), whose parents or family never even influenced my ideas about Israel. I learned on my own, and have fallen in love with Israel. And I can definitively tell you that young Jews do not blindly criticize Israel or yell apartheid as you might hope. We are smarter and more committed than that.

  8. Johnny says:

    I am a young Jew. I exist. I remember slavery in Egypt, the legacy of refugees and intellectuals, and the camps. I am not apathetic, and I am committed to my beliefs. I care nothing for scholarships or free trips.

    But I wholly disagree with these young people. I do not believe that Israel is an occupying force, or that it sits on other people’s lands. Rather, it is a tiny country whose people offered numerous times to live in peace with its neighbors, only to be met with rejection and war. And I believe those who oppose “occupation”, play into the hands of Israel’s most vicious enemies, whether they are aware or not. I believe that Israel is held to a ridiculous double-standard, and that this is indicative of the real motivations of its critics. While I believe many in this anti-occupation movement mean well, they are misguided and part of a larger anti-Israel campaign that has absolutely nothing to do with human rights, and everything to do with politics and bringing down Israel as the Jewish state. I believe it is completely fair and constructive to criticize Israel’s policies, but within context and with fair standards that all parties are subjected to. These young idealists often do not employ this practice.
    I am not told what to do by older people- this is what I believe.
    These “young Jews” do NOT represent young Jews in America, Israel, or the rest of the world. Do not believe that they do. I have grown up in the liberal generation, the Obama generation you might say, and I can tell you that these “young Jews” do not in any way represent the majority of young Jews- Orthodox, Conservative, or Reform.

  9. AD Sprung says:

    I find this statement stunning – notwithstanding that it’s not exactly a mixed metaphor but almost precisely a reverse metaphor:

    We refuse to become the mother who did not scream when wise King Solomon resolved to split her baby in two.

    Keep up the good, brave work.

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  11. basil says:

    I share all your sentiments but one…”Look what happened in South Africa.”
    While many saw the demise of apartheid (racism)as their ultimate goal, scant regard was given to a holistic solution which would enable greater liberation of the economy, the mind and the spirit. Perhaps one should keep looking to see what is currently happening in South Africa and the need to submit a further plea/plan for the millions who are living in even greater poverty, unprecedented corruption, uncontrolled violent crime,rising unemployment, rampant HIV and a fast shrinking economic growth rate. Marxist-socialist trends and systems of centralised control are fast emerging with the potential to shackle and constrain..It is even more apt to now “Cry the beloved country”.
    Envisage the desired future and act so that it happens…..And yes, look what happened in South Africa and learn from history.

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  14. naama, Israel says:

    “We exist, we remember, we refuse, we commit”

    but what do you suggest to do now?,7340,L-3987277,00.html

  15. Cari Gardner says:

    Dear Shlomo, We can all (Israelis, Palestinians, Jews, Muslims, Christians, Americans, Europeans, Jordanians, yada, yada…) spend time and energy replaying all our stories. My truth vs. your truth. Whichever side speaks louder/longer wins. In the end we need to recognize our shared humanity. Peace and love must find a way. All humans need food, shelter, water, dignity and joyousness.
    We have to stop looking backwards (who did what to whom) and deal with what is “so” on the ground, today. We need to look to the future. I envisions a future with no more war and God willing food and water for all. If we all turn our collective energy to ensuring a safe and environmentally sustainable future for the children yet to come – then, I believe, we are fulfilling the purpose of any/all of the great spiritual paths.
    Listen to the children. Watch the work being done, on the ground, every day, in many parts of “the Holy land” to forge peace and understanding. Let yourself be in love with the light. Positive energy breeds more positive energy.
    Wishing you love, light and peace,
    PS I am a 65 year old woman, born into knowing the formation of Israel and raised on seeing only it’s perfection. I’ve been to Eretz Yisroel several times and even know kitzat ivrit. I can both love Israel and want to share the land with the Palestinians who also love it.

  16. Rani Halloun says:

    This gives me lot of hope, I showed it to some of my friends and family. I am no Jew, I am from Ramallah, but it is these Jews that we need to see. For all the rhetoric in the global media about the Israelis having no partner for peace, we have fallen into that trap too.

    Perhaps if young Jews and young Palestinians could decide things, I wouldn’t worry about my city being destroyed again.

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  18. Samuel Bortnick says:

    Nice work, kids; where do I sign up for Middle Aged Jewish and Proud, and whens their next direct action? (:

  19. George says:

    That’s really funny.
    Not to be rude, but I’m still waiting for some response to my earlier questions about what folks here really believe about peace. Need to move beyond vague slogans to some tangible ideas.

  20. Anna says:

    I’m young-ish, Jewish-ish (Jewish dad, Jewish grand-dad on my mother’s side) – and I’m proud! Of you guys! Kudos, congratulations and keep up your work. Your/our voices need to be heard. Your bravery is an inspiration. Violating human rights and international law is not acceptable, ever. Speaking up is important – thanks!

  21. Aftab Pasha says:

    A human is a human, despite of any other adjective it borrows. A human loves humanity, cares for it and defends it at times. A human has no identity else of being a Human. Hats off to you guys to overcome all obstacles. For showing the real human in you. May all people in this world Live, Love and carry Humanism to end all this unrest, violence and Lies.
    …Love from India.

  22. Amir says:

    I generally agree with Shlomo; it is very idealistic, but on the ground there are a lot of things that need to happen. Yes, even on the Palestanian side. And to compare Israel to Nazi Germany is going too far!

  23. Roger says:

    Thank you for giving me hope. My tears are showing my love, respect and support for you.

    – a Gentile believer

  24. Fikret says:

    I salute you honest and brave people with all my heart! You are all speaking from your heart!
    I am not jewish but I have been waiting for 30 years to hear these words from honest, brave, and humanist jewish people like you. Everytime I started a discussion with a liberal jewish friend regarding the Israeli-Palestinian problem, I always wanted to ask what Natalie just said “How could the people who had just gone through the holocaust do the same thing to the Arab people that had been done to them?” but I was never able to ask that question as if it were a taboo. Also I was afraid to be labeled as an ‘anti-semite’.
    First time in my life, I became hopeful to see an end to the injustice done to the Palestinians. This grassroots movement gives me a lot of hope. Look what happened in South Africa!

  25. Asifa says:

    I am very very proud of you. What you did took a lot of courage. I have prayed for this day for a very long time. If there is to be any peace, it has to come from people like us. I support you all the way! God bless you and your families and all the people who work towards real peace.

  26. yaser says:

    good wark

  27. admin says:

    Hello visitors!

    We are truly overwhelmed by the amount of support we received in the past 10 days from young and old, Jews and allies. It’s been wild.

    You may have noticed that some discussion threads have disappeared in this comments section. We are trying to keep the comments here directly related to our action and our mission. This is not because we wish to sensor your beautiful thoughts, it’s because we never intended this to become a discussion forum. There are plenty of other places for that, so don’t feel muzzled.

    Some comments and threads got through our sloppy moderation and we apologize for that.

    In solidarity,

  28. anh says:

    I am an Egyptian Muslim and a Palestinian rights activist and this made me cry and deepened my love for my Jewish brethren. I commend you for staying true to humanity above all else. Best of luck!

  29. Barbara Finch Turner says:

    I am moved beyond words by what you say, Natalie Polonsky LaRoche, and wish you long life!

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  31. Adam Levick says:

    The axiom that the left doesn’t have a sense of humor seems to be confirmed by this campaign. You really don’t realize that your group has descended into self-parody, do you? I mean, come one, you gotta admit, this line is just funny:

    “We refuse to have our histories distorted or erased, or appropriated by a corporate war machine.”

    The “corporate war machine”? What a trenchant analysis!

  32. Bill Lanier says:


    “Congratulations young people; you do important work on behalf of everyone in the United States, in Israel, and in Palestine.

    Thank you,

  33. Molly in Maine says:

    Perhaps the time I’ve taken to extract these excerpts from the comments will express some measure of my huge appreciation:

    What an incredibly beautiful statement you have crafted. And what courage you have shown [Cindy].

    Your courage and energy are changing the discourse [Barbara].

    You all are more than amazing. I am over the moon with love and gratitude and hope. THANK YOU! [Penny]

    [With this,] I believe the wall would come down [Sandy].

    This is me! This is you! This is us! [Emily]

    Amazing work [Christine].

    Clearly this has had a MASSIVE impact [Laurence].

    How simply gorgeous [Liana].

    If I recall, the Biblical prophets weren’t often treated very nicely, either [Dug].

    …the indestructibility of our common prayer [Lawrence]

    Your strength is contagious [Melodi].

    We have your backs [Julia].

    … Salute! [Patrick]

    I plan to read some of your statement as the Haftorah (prophetic portion) in my synagogue this Shabbat [Rabbi Brian].

    Nor Jewish, neither Israelian, but proud of You [Roberto].

    You have tickled my humanity [Frank].

    “We are born perfect.” What on earth does it mean ????! [Jean] [It means the truth!]

    Moses’s biggest challenge wasn’t the pharaoh – it was the conservatives amongst his own people who didn’t believe a better life was possible [Steve].

    …Ask for forgiveness, and let the healing and peace move center stage [Kurt & Margaret].

    [Thank you for] your soft-shoe manifesto [Alfred].

    Mazel tov, hugs,

    and Amen –


  34. Meredith says:

    I just watched the GA video and I am so proud to be your ally. I am a Christian, but I stand beside you and your beliefs. I am thankful for your contributions to peace and justice.

  35. Bobby Arbess says:

    You are leading the way in continuing a longstanding Jewish tradition of resisting injustice and in reformulating what it means to be pro-Israel, because peace and universal human rights is the only liveable future for Israel and the world. You are the new Maccabbees!
    Keep it up, we are not far behind. Together we will not be intimidated ed by the nationalist war-mongers.

  36. Charles Torigoe says:

    Thank you for bringing hope for a bright future which entirely difuses the fear that is generated by Zionists. Fearful people lose their humanity to war and commit atrocities against the innocent. Your message of HOPE will overcome fear.
    Thank you for your Greatness!!!

  37. Christopher Maeda-Pease says:

    What up, Rae?! You freakin’ rock, and I’m proud to call you my friend. I saw what you did all the way here in Mexico. Speaking from experience, I can definitely say, “don’t mess with a Jewish woman on a mission for justice, cuz you’ll lose!”

  38. Nomi says:

    The main question I have about the Declaration is the line:

    “We will not call this liberation.”

    What is wrong with “liberation” ?

    Thank you for this statement and for the nonviolent theater and I am middle-aged Jewish and proud. . .

  39. Rachel Goldberg says:

    You are a gift to the world, and Jews.

  40. David Weinstein says:

    I am an “elder of zion” in the real sense, having struggled for a just and lasting peace between Israel and Palestine for over forty years. I cannot express how heartened i am by Jewish youth taking the flame of shared peace and the expression for the commitment and fortitude it will take for this lasting peace to give her blessings to this conflicted land.

    I would also like to express my thanks and admiration to those in Palestine who have committed to the non-violent path to peace. These are this Jewish youth’s real partners in a real peace.

    But for those who would continue to view this conflict in a way that excludes or demonizes one side, I say enough! Enough of living out these old stories that only lead to more hurt feelings conflict. Peace will come when we realize and honor the humanity and dignity of the other. Then there will be a shared future in peace and prosperity.

  41. Jane Jewell says:

    You guys are terrific! You are not only very brave to do what you did, but also an inspiration to those thousands of others of us working on the Cause to bring justice to the Palestinian people who sometimes get disheartened and are not as brave as you, but get a real boost to their morale when they watch people like you standing up to Netanyahu.

  42. Sukayna says:

    Salam – Shalom,

    You guys have given me hope for my childrens future. Amazing!!! I pray that God continues to give you all the strength, and courage to continue your mission of humanity. I applaud you! God bless you all… you can certianly make a difference.


  43. Alfred de Grazia says:

    Maybe a nonagenarian political scientist and poet can best appreciate the beauty, eloquence,and power of your soft-shoe manifesto.

  44. Fausto Massari says:

    God bless you for your declaration.
    As long as there will be Jews like you there are hopes that anti-Semitism will not become inevitable for any rationale and honest person.

  45. Eliza says:

    I am writing from France to congratulate you and salute your courage.
    BRAVO !

  46. Fajr says:

    With tears in my eyes and hope in my heart I thank you and I pray God bless you and give you the strength, the courage, the numbers to make a change!


    Well done 4 standing up against de real terrorists.

  48. sasha says:

    Thank you!
    It fits that those who play the child of “The Emperor’s New Clothes”
    are young.
    Thank you again!

  49. Natalie Polonsky LaRoche says:

    English or French, please?
    I would like to understand!

  50. Natalie Polonsky LaRoche says:

    This ‘old Jew’ also wants to tell you how proud and happy you have made her! I have been waiting all my life to hear these words from the mouths of Jewish youth!
    I was raised on Zionism, and I grew up ashamed!.
    How could the people who had just gone through the holocaust do the same thing to the Arab people that had been done to them!!!??
    In my teens, I objected to Zionist racism and I was told by an aunt that I was the kind of Jew Hitler should have killed!
    I was an embarrassment to my parents!
    I refused to learn Hebrew, or go to Israel!
    It got better at University…(in Montreal)…the diverse environment was far more welcoming, and I never looked back!
    So…I am so glad you are there! The voices of anti -zionist Jews WILL BE HEARD!!
    Here in Toronto, I am a member of ‘Independent Jewish Voices’….a National group with chapters all across the country
    Keep carrying the torch. We ‘old ones’ are with you all the way!

    Down with Israeli Racism and Imperialism!
    All power to the Palestinian people!
    For a democractic and secular Palestinian State

    Down with Israeli racism

  51. Mohamad Younis says:

    I am arabic and i am soooooo proud of you . this is the way to peace

  52. Eitan says:

    Thank you!

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  54. George says:

    Let’s not forget the ethnic cleansing of 800,000 to 1,000,000 Jews from Arab lands, they too deserve an apology from their former neighbors.
    I’d suggest you seek more objective Israeli historians than Ilan Pappe, a disgraceful and discredited ideologue.
    Yes, in peace, but is it a peace of one state or two states? Does your ideal of peace include a majority-Jewish state, or just two Arab states?

  55. m. says:

    at last i found a group of young jews who are not afraid to speak out the truth and oppose what is not right.
    i’m a muslim who’s marrying a jew.
    people must realize from now on the difference between judaism and zionism. zionists fabricated alot of lies to legalize the occupation and many massacres.
    we have never invaded any territory yet we keep being attacked by israel every few years with the silence of the world and its blind support and the lying of the media by making the butcher a victim and the victim a criminal. we just want to live and coexist.
    we’re muslims, christians and jews.
    there’s no room for racist ideologies.
    arabs are not all muslims, and arabs are semitic (cousins to the hebrews) > we are not anti-semitic by any way.
    we have jewish arabs living to this day among us. (mizrahim)

    i love everything u said and everything u do.


  56. God bless you good people,
    Shalom, Salam, Peace

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  58. annie says:

    I am choking with hope. Bless you.

  59. Amy says:

    Though I completely agree with you on this, I have to say that having spent a good deal of time in the West Bank, and having married “into” a Palestinian family,has made me re-think the simplicity of the comment. Before going and spending extensive time outside of Jenin, I had no idea how severely their lives are restricted. People beg me to take their children, raise them well, and bring them back to have a positive impact. The taking over of schools by the Israeli military is possibly one of the most basic fundamental wrongs, and one that has caused a generation or two of children to grow up without a strong education base. Basically, what I’m trying to say that what you’re saying is true in theory, but I cannot say that I would think this if I’d grown up in a very isolated situation and wasn’t allowed out. The last part here is the key. Not allowed out, or the constant wondering on the way to the border “Will they say yes? Have I paid the money to be turned away?”. If they experience nothing but their own lives, how can they know something different? Just a thought.

    Thank you to the writers of this website. Any ray of hope is a good thing. There are many, many Christians and Muslims who would love to hear these voices even knowing that they would lead to intensely difficult discussions about the future.

  60. Kate Mcclain says:

    Thank you for making your voices heard so directly. You remind me that it didn’t take a majority of the people to change the world…. abolitionists, suffragettes, Ghandi, Martin Luther King, to name a few, caused great shifts to take place in the advancement of human rights. “You are those whom we have been waiting for”. Blessed be!

  61. Henry Lowi says:

    Give ’em hell!

  62. Hadas Rivera-Weiss says:

    You are fantastically amazing and wonderful. May your numbers be as many as stars in the sky and grains of sand. I truly love you for doing what you have done in New Orleans.

  63. George says:

    Your declaration is very hopeful and inspiring, but evasive about key questions: is your goal a one state or a two state solution? if the latter, do you mean two Arab majority states or one state that is majority Jewish and another that is virtually all Arab? if the latter, how do you propose to convince the Palestinian people to agree to such a deal? what is the evidence that such a solution is possible?

  64. Kurt and Margaret Liske says:

    Bravo for all your courage and desire to fight for peace and justice against the Zionists!

    As you do this there must be acknowledgement of what really happened in 1948 – the Nakba (in Arabic “The Catastrophe”) – the ethnic cleansing of 750,000 – 900,000 Palestinians. If your group asks the Palestinians for forgiveness for what Ilan Pappe, the Israeli historian, has so carefully documented, you will be amazed at what will happen on the Palestinian side.

    In 1948 David Ben Gurion said this about the Palestinians and the Nakba: ” The old will die and the young will forget.” Neither the old nor the young Palestinians have forgotten, just as the Jews have not forgotten the Holocaust. Thus ask for forgiveness, and let the healing and peace move center stage.

    In peace, Kurt and Margaret Liske

  65. Marianne says:

    So proud of you all!!
    It must give everyone hope for the future!
    Thank you so much

  66. Donna says:

    Your words are inspiring and hopeful.

  67. Adam, these moments to rejoice in our comrade human beings are rare. The voice and action of these young people was savored like the prolonged emotion of a wonderful Passover gathering.

  68. Peter says:

    You are realising the hope of mankind!

    God bless you.


  70. Marty Eisenstein says:

    I too wished Kol Hakavod in an earlier post that was pulled off??? I also thanked the N.O.police for protecting these brave souls and suggested taking the more violent attendees to court in N.O. for assult.

  71. Esther says:

    Thank you for your bravery! Bless you. It is good to actually
    feel the possibility of a true sense of hope.

  72. goda says:

    firstly i am a muslim , but i hope all people to understand that jewish occupied the land and killed children and they must fight for peace by actions not words – surely i like to invite all people to pray in the same time – we do not accept persecution but you do not do the same
    but how plastine and jewish live in the same place – please remember the kuran and bible and old testement are holy books so i hope safety and honesty for all – i like people the same muslim – jewish – christain -god create us as the same blood –


  74. Damien Lee says:

    Amen. How can Bibi and his right wing cronies continue to behave in a way that makes Israel a pariah in the international community? I salute you brave Jews who refuse to endorse this behaviour and who stand up for humanity. The current Israeli government is racist in the way they demean the Palestinians. Shame on the people who blindly support them.

  75. kosmanek says:

    Thank you very much
    from a French woman, plane pilot and doctor es maths

  76. Steve Abel says:

    I am not Jewish but your words and actions make me want to cry. I feel the hope of all humanity in your words and actions. You are the new Exodus. Moses’s biggest challenge wasn’t the pharaoh – it was the conservatives amongst his own people who didn’t believe a better life was possible. You are leading your people and all of us to a better life. All strength to you!
    Steve Abel (NZ)

  77. Jean-Hugues Morneau says:

    Thanks for your courageous action ! It certainly takes guts to stand up in the middle of hundreds of zionist zealots to shout the truth.

    Now I’m a bit puzzled by this sentence I found in your Declaration : “We are born perfect.” What on earth does it mean ????!

  78. Peter Loeb says:

    I am not young (soon 69 years old). I applaud your actions and
    declarations. I am of (non-practicing) “jewish” heritage. I do not
    consider myself Jewish but joined jvp as “other”. I am vigorously
    anti-zionist, a member of the International Jewish Anti-Zionist
    net. There are so many items I could name which are unspeakeable
    in normal company. Recommend Lawrence Davidson’s book
    AMERICA’S PALESTINE (University of Florida Press). I have been
    a member of jvp for many years but not as a “Jew”. When Israel
    recognizes Hamas as a partner in negotiations, perhaps we
    can begin to hope. Instead we are presented a puppet of Israel,
    Mahmoud Abbas, whose term of office expired January 9,2009.

  79. orlando scrymgeour says:

    One could feel the palpable tension building up in that room with people in awe of Netanyahu and all he stands for. I am a non Jew who has spent considerable time in and out of Palestinian refugee camps and also have lived behind the wall. I know what it takes to be brave. Congratulations from the bottom of my heart for bravery of those five youngsters who will undoubtedly be ostrasized for the stance they take. That is courage. I believe you are right, what Israeli leaders have done ever since the creation of the state of Israel, is blighted the memory of those who suffered under European atrocity, instead of offering a safe haven through Zionist ideology it has produced a trap. It is hardly surprising the citizens of Israel feel there is need for a wall, they have created their own Pandora’s box, the question is how to defuse it. I hope your manifesto can spread throughout the young generation in Israel, sadly so many live in a bubble however. You are dloing great work however and I wish you luck. In solidarity.

  80. Tewfik SAIGHi says:

    dear cousins and cousins, *

    I am happy of reading these words.
    Your movement for Peace should extend like a spot from oil (sorry for greenpeace).
    I am Algerian, and thinks that it is possible to be found in peace.
    Good continuation and forgive my English.

    * (while speaking about the Jews in my family, we say, Our cousins

  81. Hank Silver says:

    The statements of principle printed above must be distributed throughout the world-wide Jewish community. They are powerful, hopeful, confident and truthful statements that should be read and heard by Jews throughout the world! Please do something to achieve that reality.

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  83. Frank Youakim says:

    Dear Mordechai
    Until when are we going to allow fear to block us from doing what we know is right. It is not merely positive and peace that is being expounded here but more importantly Truth and Justice. They are innate human values that every human is born with (ie God given) and only give them up out of fear to protect our conditioned beliefs.
    What is wrong with Love and Understanding anyway? If they were lived then the world would be a different place. Do not give up my friend. Do what your deepest heart tells you is true and do not be distracted by the need to protect the status quo.

  84. Frank Youakim says:

    I am not young and I am not Jewish, but after reading what you say and do I wish I was. No wonder you are proud. You deserve to be. You have tickled my humanity because what you are doing is being honestly human who care about other humans even if they are not Jews. If all nationalities do that we will have not only a peaceful world but a loving and joyful one that we can create instead of the miserable one that too many humans are creating.

  85. Novelle Saarinen says:

    I am not young, I am Jewish, and after reading your extraordinary statement, in this moment I am proud. Thank you.

  86. ourouboros says:

    another old[er] Jew who finds the demo @ the GA encouraging, inspiring, humbling. I recall when ~1980 the State did for Judaism what the USSR did for International Socialism with the establishment of the Comintern in 1919–turned it into an Instrument of State Policy. It really is heartening to see this excellent manifestation of the reemergence of Judaism–the faith tradition.

  87. Sheila Parks says:

    THANK YOU. For too many years now, I weep over emails and event – the most recent elections,the rigging of past elections, the wars, the climate crisis, the misogyny, the racism….and on and on and on. The lying, cheating and stealing. Tonight as I read your gorgeous statement, I am weeping with joy. Thanks for your courage and integrity. xoxoxox

  88. Roberto Olivetti says:

    Nor Jewish, neither Israelian, but proud of You.

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  90. Margaret Brown says:

    You may not have a vote in Israel, but you do have a vote as an American citizen. The Israeli war machine is dependent on the support of American voters. Work for and pay for American candidates who will speak out against Apartheid and ethnic cleansing. Demand that they vote accordingly. Lobby your public servants who are getting all expenses paid Zionist brainwashing tours to Israel. AIPAC is powerful, but we don’t have to roll over and play dead or throw up our hands and say the Israeli voters should work for peace. They need our help to break up this unquestioned alliance that enables Israel’s violent lust for land.
    Bravo to the young Jews for speaking truth to power, and yes, there is so much more to be done!
    Peace and aloha,

  91. A wonderful humanitarian statement. I have placed it on the website called Jews Against Racist Zionism, a compendium of the views of outstanding Jewish scholars and writers opposed to racist Zionism, from Avigail Abarbanel to Howard Zinn.

    The views of the numerous, outstanding, humanitarian Jews on this site are consonant with the words of outstanding Jewish American scholar Professor Jared Diamond who in his best-selling book “Collapse” (Prologue, p10, Penguin edition) enunciated the “moral principle, namely that it is morally wrong for one people to dispossess, subjugate, or exterminate another people” – an injunction grossly violated by racist Zionist (RZ)-run Apartheid Israel and its racist, genocide-committing and genocide-ignoring US Alliance backers.

    For anti-racist Jews and indeed all anti-racist humanitarians the core moral messages from the Jewish Holocaust (5-6 million dead, 1 in 6 dying from deprivation) and from the more general WW2 European Holocaust (30 million Slav, Jewish and Gypsy dead) are “zero tolerance for racism”, “never again to anyone”, “bear witness” and “zero tolerance for lying”.

    However these sacred injunctions are grossly violated by the anti-Arab anti-Semitic racist Zionists running Apartheid Israel and their Western backers variously involved in the ongoing Palestinian Genocide, Iraqi Genocide and Afghan Genocide (post-invasion violent and non-violent excess deaths 0.3 million, 2.5 million and 4.9 million, respectively; post-invasion under-5 infant deaths 0.2 million, 0.8 million and 2.6 million, respectively; refugees totalling 7 million, 5-6 million and 3-4 million, respectively, plus a further 2.5 million NW Pakistan Pashtun refugees) .

    All decent, anti-racist, humanitarians must vigorously oppose and sideline those supporting racist Zionism, Apartheid Israel and racist Western wars and occupations who are currently complicit in 0.7 million non-violent excess deaths annually; continuing, racist perversion of human rights, humanitarian values and rational discourse in the Western democracies; ignoring of worsening climate genocide (that may kill 10 billion non-Europeans this century through unaddressed man-made climate change); and egregious anti-Jewish anti-Semitism through falsely identifying decent, anti-racist Jews with these appalling crimes.

  92. Fred O'Callaghan says:

    Shalom! Even if this demonstration had no more positive effect than to evoke all these mailed responses, it would still be a lasting inspiration and encouragement to all who care about humankind and believe in our potential to move steadily towards peace and away from war and violence. People of all races, of all creeds or none owe you gratitude for that.

  93. I’m sure not all the responses being published on this website are as positive as the one’s I already see here. At the same time I am proud of you and grateful for the passion and courage you demonstrated at that event. Thank you for speaking up. Here’s something you might want to consider:


    Mark A. Goldman

  94. richard says:

    VERY courageous! But we have to be completely honest. It’s not the loyalty oath or the settlements that de-legitimize Israel.

    Israel is a nuclear-quipped menace to all mankind that has brutalized and massacred the indigenous population for 60+ years.

    Israel has to go. Nothing they can ever do can legitimize them. They need to be expelled or thrown in prison for their crimes and reparations must be paid to their victims.

  95. James prothero says:

    Well done, support and love from Canada!

  96. Brenda Carr Vellino says:

    You make me cry. So bold, so brave, so beautiful. You make it impossible to ignore that there is not one way to be a Jew, that we must be centred in our spiritual and ethical integrity.

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  98. You inspire and compel! May the God of many names bless us all in our daily efforts at peacemaking.Shalom

  99. Flo says:

    I m a non-jewish young man who, thanks to you, starts to believe more in a hope of justice in the land of Palestine. You can be proud of you and you’re right not to be proud of Israel’s behaviour.
    Go ahead and be brave.

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  101. laurel says:

    i am moved as can be by this work. thank you for so bravely putting yourselves on the line in this way. your message is clear and catalyzing.

  102. sahm says:

    Thank you for giving me hope.

  103. Rizwan says:

    It is really amazing for me that young Jews think like that. I am Muslim but I pray for you people Allah help you to get your goal.

  104. Rabbi Brian Walt says:

    “Would that all of Israel (and all of humanity) were prophets!” Thank you for your prophetic courage, for speaking truth to power, for challenging the Priest/King (The Israeli Prime Minister), for standing up so proudly for our Jewish heritage, culture and ethics. I plan to read some of your statement as the Haftorah (prophetic portion) in my synagogue this Shabbat. You give us hope for the future.

  105. Amy Pett says:

    You all are heroes! Thank you for this courageous action, that gives so much heart to older Jews who were losing hope. We will support you in any way we can.

  106. Mustafa Hawari says:

    People around the world are cheering for your courageousness please I would love to be apart of what you are doing. Peace,

  107. Amy Pett says:

    Check out Birthright Unplugged; it’s just what you are looking for.

  108. Myles McSwiney says:

    Well done guys I’m really proud of you all

  109. Gerrard Fitzsimmons says:

    I am young(ish) and not a Jew. I am so proud of your activism and your bravery. People are waking up. Love from Scotland.

  110. firas asali says:

    i salute you for your courage and for your conscious

  111. You exist, you believe, you love and you struggle. And you will be heard! Thank you young Jews!~!

  112. Wafa' says:

    You made me cry! Watching you standing up in the middle of such a crowd! You are so brave and you gave me hope for a just future! you are the future.. carry on

  113. Lebanese says:

    merci les amis, je salue votre courage et votre engouement, l’être humain doit primer sur les intérêts politiques, économiques et autres …. tous ce qui se passent au proche orient et tous ces conflits ne servent que les intérêts des ceux qui nous gouvernent. (c’est nous qui paye et c’est eux qui bénéficient)
    vous nous donnez de l’espoir pour un meilleur demain (le plus vite possible, j’espère) !!

  114. Keith Kiely says:

    I am unfortunately not Jewish, but I wish you the very best in your efforts. You are a brave and intelligent group speaking out the way you have. I Just wanted to say well done and keep up the good work.

  115. Heidi Wilson says:

    May I suggest that our moving straight into this “it’s good”/”it’s bad” dichotomy supports the mindset that creates antagonism and blocks reconciliation? Disruption has its drawbacks as a political tool; the one Laurence mentions is one of the greatest. Given the difficulty of reaching the general public with our position, it may sometimes be the best course. In the present case, I think I come down on Laurence’s side, but I see an even greater danger: that we will be sucked into the hate-infested mental universe of the other side.

  116. Tula says:

    Thank you for being true Jews and standing up to the corporate state that hides behind jewry.

  117. Daniel V, London UK says:

    Kol hakavod!

  118. Mary in Seattle says:

    So proud of you. I haven’t felt this encouraged since I read the Combatants Letter (Courage to Refuse) and later, the Pilots Letter.

    Bless you for what you are doing and trying to accomplish.

  119. Thomas Faber says:

    Beautiful! Beautiful!

    This is the kind of courage the world needs (in many regards :P)

    All my love to you!

  120. Mordechai says:

    Since it appears that you will only display positive posts on your site it gives me pause to question your true level of integrity but I will post my thoughts because I hope that someone there may think about this.
    I am a child of the 60’s and 70’s who also believed that young people could change the world by espousing ideas that promoted love and understanding. As I got older I realized that many of us were talking to the wall. We continue to be faced with regimes throughout the world that are interested in destroying others for political, financial and even religious gains. While I have not lost my belief in the great need for a peaceful world I have become much more pragmatic in the possibilities for that world to exist. I go about my days with my eyes wide open to the evil that exists around us.
    I strongly believe that your actions at the recent GA have given a strong hand to those that promote the real evil in the world. They can now show the world that even young, intelligent Jews support our cause for the delegitimization of Israel. As such your actions have put real people into real danger. When it comes to Israel we are not simple playing at geopolitics or having a philosophical debate but rather are faced with the challenge of protecting people’s lives. Israelis today face a real physical threat from the evil that surrounds them. Thus, I fear, your actions at the GA have served to put real people, men, women and children, in real danger.
    I do not know about you but if I knew that espousing my ideas of peace, love etc. Would give support to the physical harm of even one individual than I would rather keep them to myself for what is the worth of an idea that when stated in a given situation promotes the opposite of what I espouse.
    Please consider that your protest has served to embolden evil and not, as you wished, to promote peace and understanding.
    Be careful – it is a rough world out there.

  121. Dina Heisler says:

    Your action was brilliant, courageous and inspired. It made my day. Now, as I read your gorgeously crafted message of dissent, I am moved beyond words. Mazel tov and love for the struggle that lies ahead. This old 60’s Jewish activist is with you.

  122. esther says:

    i’m a european christian.
    but i have so been waiting for this.
    thank you for renewing hope!

  123. Gus Naa says:

    You Are the Nucleus of our Salvation! of everyones Salvation! Israel needs not a head of state change but the change of the people’s mindset. All my Prayers and Support goes to you young Brave Proud good people , You are the Hope , You are the Change .

  124. David Levine says:

    I stand with you. I support a boycott of apartheid Israel. I do not support the axis of the US-Israel-England. The current policy is madness and will doom Israel eventually, if not doom us all.

  125. You are a joy to our heart.

    Michael & Elizabeth Cecil

  126. Rich Siegel says:

    The above statements sound fine, but too much is omitted. Will you admit that Israel was founded on the ethnic cleansing of Palestine- that massacres and military forced mass expulsions occurred- that over three quarters of a million people were made homeless in 1948? Will you apologize for these atrocities? Will you advocate right to return for Palestinian refugees? Will you advocate an end of Jewish exclusivity anywhere and everywhere in historic Palestine? Or will you continue to support a Jewish-exclusivist state on stolen land- on 78% of Palestine? With all the above rhetoric, this is not addressed.

  127. uk twitterer says:

    wow! So well planned too, brilliant that the last protester complained about ‘silencing the dissenters’.

    It’s so difficult to read the truth between the lines in the news that we are presented with, which makes this protest so important, we so rarely hear this view in the news.

    I find Netanyahu’s reference to the past, in relation to the perception of Israel, desparate and insulting.

  128. Gideon says:

    Good Work. Carry on.

  129. Laurence says:

    I must disagree in the strongest possible terms. Disruption of such an event is so brave that it dwarfs any insignificant moral implications and you could not be more wrong about being ineffective! Clearly this has had a MASSIVE impact. The people’s objection will slowly quieten when they eventually wake up and realise what is actually going on here.

    All my love and gratitude to YGP! Don’t let anyone silence you!

  130. Shaul Pinhas says:

    If ever there was a time for the Diaspora to speak up and voice its anguish over the direction the current leaders of Israel are taking the state, this is it. And it is right and good that that voice comes from the USA, and esepcially from a young generation. For if enough American Jews who care for and love Israel do that, Israelis will have to listen. This is a time when ‘American Jews are divesting’ their emotional links with Israel because of its actions and the behaviour of its leaders. They see that all that Israel was meant to represent is being corroded and that the essential part of their Jewish identity is consequently lessened. Israelis who are in a peculiar comfort zone of being ‘the lone nation again,’ find a host of reasons for not hearing criticism. This voice must be a catalyst and raise many others. It is time to save our nation, and the peace that is vital to its survival. Hitzilu Et Artzeinu! Hitzilu Et Ha’Shalom!

  131. Smadar Carmon says:

    Thanks for the very uplifting and important action during bibi’s speach; you have lot’s of guts and the planing and execution was great! keep your good work going.

    From an older ex-Israeli Jew living in Canada.

  132. alli says:

    Thank you for your courage, my Jewish brothers and sisters – that was not an easy action – my heart beats with yours in solidarity with all of humankind. May we all have the courage to speak truth to power and unseat this thrown of thick and senseless lies. Only through this level of truth-telling and brave action will peace be manifest for all peoples…one day. The old guard is dying off, a new way is coming.

    Today I flew to New Orleans and sat next to a Lutheran turned Catholic. We spoke of God and spirit and living an honest life of service. That is the path to find the deepest part of our humanity – to be a servant to the great miracle of life – and to find our commonality, not our difference, and certainly never our superiority – that is how world wars begin – lest we forget, and become our own enemy.

    Toward love and healing – toward not remaining silent!

    L’Chaim !

  133. Bashimar Brian says:

    wow! you guys are awesome and brave enough to fight for human justice. I’ll stand by you guys. am all for one and one for all uniting humankind to live side by side peacefully and harmony….let’s stand for 5 words of… P E A C E !!!

  134. Steve says:

    You are doing a wonderful thing for Israel, Jews, Palestinians and all humanity. These new centurions and weavers of hasbara and deceit will be inscribed in the book of life alright—but with an asterisk that notes their blindness and self-absorbed duplicity. BTW: in your video doesn’t Bibi look like some disembodied avatar from Orwell’s 1984!)

  135. ellen says:

    thank you for doing what i wish i could.

    … or could i…
    thank you for helping me to hope

    – an american

  136. Marc Pilisuk says:

    Thank you. Your people and your world need to hear your voices.

  137. Julia Caplan says:

    Well done. Bravo.
    Thank you & big love.
    We have your backs.

  138. saleem says:

    Thank you! And more power to you.

  139. Nicolas Veroli says:

    A beautiful and brilliant action! I stand with you all, as a Jew, as eternal youth…

  140. Sylvia Smith says:

    Bravo! It takes an incredible amount of courage to stand up to a seemingly immovable force.

  141. Rob Mosrie says:

    Great job in delivering a clear message that does indeed need to be heard. Bravo!

  142. Avery says:

    I’m a young Jew and I would pay good money to attend an alternative Birthright trip. Let’s work for a peace both sides can appreciate.

  143. Your beautiful manifesto gives me hope for the Jewish future. Thank you for your courage – I can only hope your elders will prove themselves worthy of it.

  144. marcos says:

    We, the people, bless you for giving many of us hope for the future.

  145. Mohammed says:

    I’m from Hebron, Palestine and I live in the US. I’m giving a presentation about the Palestine-Israeli issue to high school students tomorrow morning. I will show them them what you did. This is amazing and promising. Keep up the good work. Mohammed

  146. maggi carter says:

    Thanks for your recent disruption of Netanyahu’s usual pack of lies. You are brave and righteous. Please watch your back. Peace.

  147. Sue says:

    Intense, beautiful…thank you.

    Sue / Sabeel Iowa

  148. Bjørn Aaronson says:

    Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful,
    committed citizens can change the world.
    – Margaret Mead

  149. Carlos Yantorno says:

    I am getting old, and I see the dreams we once had about making the world a better place seem to become unreachable in view of all the atrocities in so many parts of this world. But then I learn about young people like you who are willing to really commit, and my faith in humanity returns.
    Keep proud and strong!

  150. This old Jew, and outraged ex-Zionist, proudly joins hands with you.

  151. Anon says:

    Your work is integral towards a just peace process that acknowledges the systematic subjugation of the Palestinian people under a system of Israeli apartheid. It is incredibly heartwarming and affirming to see this blog and read the eloquent and articulate declaration your group has drafted. Thank you for strengthening the BDS and human rights movement.

  152. Yasser says:

    Your disruption of the speech accomplished nothing. What exactly will Netanyu or the Israeli government change now because of this?

  153. Vic says:

    Thanks for your bold stance. We all have to look internally and stand against our own nation, when it is in the wrong. Together, Jews and Arabs, of reasonable minds can make peace.

    Thank you,
    Another thankful Palestinian American

  154. Al says:

    Well done. Amazing.

  155. FreeStyle says:

    Thank you…

    It is young guys like you that make us believe that Muslims, Christians and Jews would one day live together in the Holy Land with no occupation, apartheid, segregation walls, settlements and hatred.

    Your voice has been heard and from the bottom of an Arab friend’s heart: God bless you.

  156. Bob Goldberg says:

    I am jewish, and your ideals are very jewish and should be for all people of this planet. The thing that disturbs me, is the Israeli/Palistine issue. I don’t know all that goes on in Israel, but I feel sometimes that Israel does not remember the things that were done to our parents, grandparents during the world’s worse time. I am not sure how the good and righteous palistine people feel about the comments made here today. I know there are extremists on both sides and more often than not, insanity prevails. We are of the same roots, and I hope that jew and palistian people can share Jehovah’s Holy land together. Shalom/Salaam

  157. Velvel says:

    As a johnny come lately to the cause (make that Velvel come lately) I offer you my sincerest gratitude for your wisdom, courage, and moral leadership. God Bless and God Speed!

  158. Ari Lev Fornari says:

    Count me in!

  159. Melodi says:

    This gives me hope for peace. This is honorable and beautiful. Your protest at the assembly was so brave and brought me to tears. Your strength is contagious.

  160. kathy felgran says:

    Sandy…I’ve walked with you. Stop calling yourself “an old Jew”. You are a strong, dedicated woman, a member of the human (not Jewish) race, a warrior woman. Let’s take the lead from these young people and keep up the fight for justice and recognition of the equality of all humanity. Those of us who are “approaching middle age” have a lot of kick left in us.

  161. Linda J says:

    Mohammad, you took the words right out of my mouth. And I’m a Norwegian atheist. 😉

  162. Christine says:

    Nonviolent civil disobedience has a long history of making the oppressors uncomfortable, and invoking violent reaction. That doesn’t make it “immoral and ineffective”. Rather, in contrast, it demonstrates the immorality and ineffectiveness of violence.

    Amazing work, I am in awe…

  163. stefanie b says:


  164. jean entine says:

    The deeply felt responses you have garnered from people of all walks of life is in my view your highest endorsement. Their replies to your magnificent document amplify the power of your words.

    Congratulations on a job very well done!

  165. xyz says:

    Sending you much love and gratitude. Always know you are not alone. Reading this I feel proud as ever to be a Jew and I am excited for our future. Love love love to you.

  166. Sami says:

    Shalom, Salam, Peace. I’ve always believed Zionism will one day be exposed to everyone including Jews.

    You are so inspirational. keep up the good work, take care. May Elahi, Allah, God protect you.


  167. Dana Bergen says:

    Dear brave, eloquent, and inspiring activists — you give me hope for the future.

  168. Elaine says:

    I just came from an all day “Tree of Life” conference on ‘A Just Peace in the Holy Land’. After listening to speakers who were Jewish, Muslim,and Christian give prayers and testimonies we were most inspired to hear of your brave actions at the conclusion of our day. It was truly the most hopeful message of all. God bless you and your message. 11/9/2010

  169. Caroline says:

    I would like to move to that neighbourhood.

  170. Joel S Henderson says:

    Truly inspiring!

    Keep up the great work; spread the word far & wide.

    Let us know how we can help out – I’m not such a fan of labels (Jew, Christian, Muslim, etc etc) but am all for uniting humankind peacefully – love the work you are doing in that vein!

  171. Interfaith Freedom Foundation says:

    You are the future. Progressive Christians and Muslims applaud your brave witnessing to the indestructibility of our common prayer.
    Together toward democracy, peace and justice!

    Lawrence Swaim
    Interfaith Freedom Foundation

  172. Tom Blacker says:

    I’m not young or Jewish, but I am proud of you guys. You restore my faith in humanity. Thank you.

  173. Treacy Seeley says:

    Congratulations for your action! We need more people unafraid to speak truth to power!

  174. carol sanders says:

    Welcome, young prophets! What joy to see us begin again, and to do so in the cause of human solidarity.

  175. Lev says:

    This is wonderful! I too am young, Jewish and proud!

  176. jacob Katzenberg says:

    yeah, Paul Revere’s ride was ineffective, the sit-ins in South were ineffective, the tea partiers’ shennanigans were ineffective? Exactly which world are you living in?

  177. Mariam says:

    This is a very strong message which should be adopted by the whole world. I myself am a Muslim living in London and wish you guys all the best. Please keep up the good work even if you face the obstacles of the world. Persist. There will be many that will try and silence you and many more that will support you.
    Peace for all.
    P.S a great job done in the conference in New Orleans.

  178. Katy says:

    Your brave actions and beautiful words bring so much hope. You are the people who can change the future. I stand alongside you, and all my brothers and sisters around the world who believe in equal rights, humanity, peace and justice. Thankyou.

  179. Basil says:

    WOW! I am so moved by your beautiful statement. I am a British Palestinian, my father is from Nablus.
    I know that Judaism is an honourable religion over two thousand years old, and I also understand that Zionism is only just over 100 years old and it does not represent all Jews and the true Jewish values. I understand where Zionism came from, the idea being to protect the jews after 2000 years of persecution culminating in the holocaust, but the means by which it has tried to achieve this has resulted in the persecution and oppression of another people which makes the whole thing unjustifiable and immoral. I believe in a one state solution with the Palestinians and Israelis living together with equal rights. You are the people who can make this happen, you are the people we have been waiting for. You are my Brothers and my Sisters, I stand by you 100% with my heart and my soul and everything that I am. Salam/Shalom/God Bless you xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  180. Said says:

    Please add me to your e-mail list! Great work in NOLA yesterday!

  181. annie robbins says:

    tom, the brave courageous Rae Abileah of young jewish and proud stood up on a table right in the front row w/her banner and interrupted netanyahu’s speech smack dab in the middle of the aipac conference in DC last spring. no video unfortunately.

  182. Yitzhak Santis says:

    I’m so glad you are young, Jewish and proud and don’t want Palestinians hurt or to do anything that supports violence. I also hope you can stand up for Israel when it does deserve to be stood up for, and support coexistence and true peace based on mutual recognition, respect, empathy and honoring each others needs.

  183. Chris Frazier says:

    God bless you all! I admire your courage and dedication. As a writer, I would be remiss if I did not compliment you on the sheer eloquence and beauty of “The Young Jewish Proclamation.” May I include it, with attribution, in a book that I’m writing? You have my support. Shalom!

  184. Seth Morrison says:

    Beautiful! Very well stated. Our sisters and brothers in Israel and in the US must understand that we do love Israel and that the best course for Israel is peace. Thank you very much.

  185. Rana says:

    Thank you so much for your work and bravery. I just saw the video of the protest on mondoweiss.
    There is moment building I see it people all over stand for Equal Rights and Freedom for Palestinians.

    young, Palestinian-American Christian

  186. Bonita Caracciolo says:

    Your action(s) fill my heart with pride and joy. I am an Italian-Catholic who grew up with and actually learned the trade I have done for my entire life, from Jews. We used to laugh at our similarities! And there were and are many. Suddenly, there is this pall cast over Jewish-ness. This pall, as you know all too well, is Zionism and the Occupation of Palestine and the damage it has done to Americans, Jewish-Americans, decent Israeli-Jews, etc. It has been said that Israel is the most dangerous place on earth for Jews. And it is self-inflicted.
    Please accept my heartiest and humblest gratitude for your actions in the face of such enormous and overfed power. Peace is the only way out. Either we band together now or there will be nothing left for your progeny. You have my complete support.
    Thank you and God bless you!

  187. A Believer says:

    Thank you for all you are doing. The tears are running down my face. I live in a fully integrated community in the United States – a Muslim Palestinian family across the street, an Orthodox Jewish family next door, a Catholic family on the other side, I’m Presbyterian. We have two Orthocdox synagogues on either side of the community – there must be a reason they live here and have not made aliyah to Israel. Hispanics, Asians, African Americans, all together in this neighborhood. I pray you will keep it up till the whole world can live this way!

  188. Shadi says:

    Seeing brilliant and vibrant group of young Jews working in favour of peace and seeking the end of the Israeli military occupation of the Palestinian territory should be highly appreciated by Israelis and Palestinians .

    The unfair dominant image which implies that occupation is done in the name of the Jews, can only be changed by the effort of brave people like you.

    good luck

  189. hourcade says:

    .. thank yo so much for your voice dears youngs jewish people… i’m foreigner in your country; not alloid to make statement about the state’s policy. but it is not because we don’t agree our governement in france that we are unfaithfull to our country! why thinks should be different in your country. it is so necessary to find again out ideals of nations and founders! it is so necessary to have a look back in thrue and peace! might be moment of fear and incertitude regarding the future… butthe more important in life, as you seams to think, say and act it is not ideas or ideologies… only a thrue relation; means justice, peace and dignity. so go ahead always never be tired by events and facts, what it isjust alqays come to light. yours , philippe

  190. This is directed to adherents to the slogan in the spliced-video: “ABCDE Delegitimizes Israel!”

    Does this not presuppose that there is a “Legitimate” entity that has allegedly become besmirched?

    Therefore, was not the initial creation of Israel on 5/15/1948 “Legitimate”…and not a “Nakba”?

  191. Joyce Reed says:

    Thank you for your commitment, your perceptive, beautiful, courageous hearts and voices . . .

  192. Suzanne Sherman Aboulfadl says:

    Many thanks for your courage and your eloquent reminder of what our Jewish heritage can contribute to healing and peace in Israel and Palestine and the world.

  193. Hano says:

    I honestly always thought that Jews who wanted justice in the middle east were few. However, a lot of recent events give me hope, one of which is your existence.

    Thank you for keeping up the hope.

  194. Amazing, thank you for courage and a beautiful and much needed statement.

  195. feill says:

    A luta continua! God bless you!

  196. Laura in Seattle says:

    So proud to be a member of JVP!

  197. This is beautiful and powerful. Thank you.

  198. Doug Tarnopol says:

    Well done. Keep up the great and courageous work! This American Jew whose mother grew up in a DP camp in Berlin after WWII thinks you guys are just peachy.

    If I recall, the Biblical prophets weren’t often treated very nicely, either. You’re in good company — and that’s coming from a culturally Jewish atheist! :)

    Best, Dug

  199. As the courageous Israeli (former military) Breaking The Silence and the human rights workers in B’tselem, you all do the Jewish people proud by breaking the shameful silence here in this country, whose government subsidizes the Israeli regime’s continuing barbarism against the Palestinians.
    Wonderful thing you did, wading into that hostile crowd, risking attacks by thuggish militant Zionists, and confronting war criminal Netanyahu.
    Suggestion: Focus on AIPAC, in Washington, and where ever else they have their tentacles. This is the gang that makes it all possible to suck out $10 million a day in U.S. tax dollars to the Israeli ethnic cleansing machine. Once this lobby-beast is vanquished, then all things are truly possible.
    Keep up the great work!

  200. Elan Miller says:

    Well done for making a disruption and a great “balagan”.

    If you want to change something, how about taking both yourselves and your opposition seriously?

  201. Richard Witty says:

    I take that back after seeing your “method” of communication.

    Disruption is both immoral and inneffective. The five stimulations of chanting had a similar effect to an allergic reaction. Each stimulation MULTIPLIED the objection.

  202. Aaron Ellis says:

    I suppose the question for us young people, being so disposed and so purposive, becomes increasingly material: how can our existential positioning remove us (all) from systems which perpetuate injustice? In what way can a new normativity be paved by our hands and feet – a normativity which overcomes what we all matter-of-fact-ly, matter-of-course-ly perform, even by the very living of our very lives?

    Thank God for the pain of trepidation, a gift through which we realize the power that rests in our hearts, our heads and the paths we pave. Our perpetual atonement is for the possible shortcoming imminent in a rapidly approaching and demanding future. Our perpetual atonement is for our lack of capacity to use the gift of life for the ultimate realization of that gift: life’s purpose; the Other.

  203. Racheli Gai says:

    I want to echo all the other great comments, and to say that right now I feel hope (something that’s in
    short supply most days, as far as I’m concerned.)
    I’m also feeling a bit jealous – in a good way! :) … I remember going to an event at the Tucson JCC, perhaps 15 years ago or so, where the speaker (I think it was Israel’s ambassador to the UN) was going on about how Israel was situated in a “bad neighborhood”. I got so pissed, I yelled to him that he was racist. The organizers immediately closed down the event! As I and a Palestinian colleague got up and left, people were screaming at us that we were getting paid by Arafat, blah blah blah. The point is: There was no *community of Jews* with which to carry out anything organized that was even remotely beyond the totally timid. I’m so thrilled that this is changing!!!

  204. Pierre Barkett says:

    Thank you for speaking up. We need more Jewish members of society to show that this will not be tolerated by anyone, anywhere or anytime. Our children, your children all depend on us for peace and security. We cannot and should not tolerate fanaticism from either side

  205. Mohammad says:

    Kol hakavod chaverim sheli. You made me wish I were Jewish on this day.

  206. Liz Jackson says:

    We exist we remember we refuse we commit! Thank you for representing me.

  207. Kayla says:

    My heart is filled with gratitude for your powerful actions. It takes a lot of bravery and determination to speak truth to power in a room filled with hatred. Thank You.

  208. Kayla says:

    My heart is filled with gratitude for your actions. It takes much bravery and determination to speak truth to power in a room filled with hateful Zionists. Thanks you!

  209. Dermot Kelly says:

    Just saw video of your activism on Facebook, interrupting Netanyahu at JGA. Objective observers around the world are aghast at the constant terrorist, fascist actions of the Israeli state. It is very heartening to see that some Jews/ Israelis are brave and humane enough to stand up to it. Bravo to you all!! I believe that you are supported by the vast majority of informed observers everywhere. With your help, the tide will turn in favour of peace and justice.

  210. Rich Forer says:

    Jews around the world should learn a lesson from your courageous and humane actions as well and especially from the intentions behind your actions – that no country has a right to character assassinate and lie about a group of people just because they happen not to be Jews; that peace can only come when people act with integrity and recognize that all people have an inborn right to self-determination and freedom. And that real Jewish tradition takes responsibility for moral lapses and unethical conduct.

  211. Sue Wood says:

    Not Jewish, not Arab, not American, but English. I don’t know you, but I’ve seen all I need to know. I love you, simple as that. And yes, the tears flowed here too! Beautiful people. Yes, we need people in Israel to work for justice, we need people everywhere to change the attitudes of civil society, but more than anything the change needs to come in the US for all the obvious reasons, and people like you give hope. x

  212. .... says:

    I am so proud of you :)

  213. Nadine Saliba says:

    These young people are poets too. So beautiful.

  214. Sandra says:

    Please help save Israel from itself. As an American Jew I have no vote in Israel, you do. Gather the voices of reason and fight for the soul of Israel. We have similar problems here in America, but the members of “our tribe” vote with both their hearts and their brains. We are a minority, but we have held ourselves to a higher standard. This is our tradition. This is our voice.

  215. Nice words, but no specifics. What do these folks really stand for? End of “occupation”? Right of Return for Palestinians? One democratic state? End of apartheid in the state of Israel (not just in the “occupation”)?

    Everyone should stop crying and start asking some hard questions.

    Justice for Palestine! End Israeli apartheid! Return the refugees! Reparations and restitution! One democratic state with equal rights for all!

  216. Fayez says:

    I am so proud of you for standing up for this bully “Netanyahu”. May God give you the strength to continue this struggle till justice and peace prevail to all in the Middle East. I stand with you…

  217. Palestinain refugee says:

    Real hope for peace starts with brave groups like yours.

  218. L H says:


  219. shane adams says:

    You renew my faith in humanity.

  220. Shmuel Sermoneta-Gertel says:

    Beautiful declaration. !חזקו ואמצו

    Rome, Italy

  221. Rachel Lever says:

    A powerful statement, well spoken.

  222. Danny says:

    I am glad there are people like you on our planet.

    You are a credit to humanity.

    Please keep up the good work


    From: A young Muslim to young Jews

  223. Mick Napier says:

    Many Jews and gentiles are united in support for endless war and ethnic cleansing. e.g. Netanyahu, Obama, and Cameron here in the UK. We, the great majority of the rest, need to unite across all boundaries in opposition to the murderous crimes of our savage, smooth-talking rulers. (

  224. George P. Smith says:

    Tzedek tzedek tirdof

  225. Donna Nevel says:

    how powerful!

  226. Join Jewish Voice for Peace! If there is a chapter in your area (, contact us and come to a meeting. We’d love to have you.

  227. Elana Wesley says:

    Many of us Jews and Muslims and Christians and others of all ages in Israel are shedding tears of joy and sighing with relief at your statement, dear friends. We are crying out the same message, and we are more hopeful than we were yesterday that things not only can but will change for the better.

    A big YES to peace and love and equality and justice. We are a larger group than you imagine.

    A state must be a state for all its citizens – until people are ready to unite in broader but more flexible frameworks. Bridges YES, walls and fences NO! We are one family and want to put our heads and resources together in much better directions. No more violence, no more Occupation, everyone has the right to return home or to leave and go elsewhere. Money for health and education and for saving the planet and for music and art and poetry and for productive and beautiful objectives.


  228. Eylem says:

    Thank you.

  229. Eve Segal says:

    I can only repeat what others have already said. You make me feel hopeful that one day Jews can again hold their heads up in pride. Thank you for what you’re doing. Carry it on!

  230. Yakov Wolf says:

    Rather than repeat what others here have said eloquently, I want to know:

    What can I and the greater community of Progressive Jews do, substantially, to support this initiative?

  231. Ira Grupper says:

    I am a former national co-chair of New Jewish Agenda. We lasted from 1980-1993, calling for a 2 state solution (at a time when that was considered treyf). Bless you young people for your innovation, your chutzpah, your creativity, and your strength. La lutta continua. Ira Grupper .You may publish my email address.

  232. Leora says:

    we are the ones we’ve been waiting for. thank you.

  233. Troy says:

    It is refreshing to see the youth stand up to their elders for their hypocrisy.



    Congratulations on the terrific declaration. Your voice is desperately needed, and greatly appreciated. Thanks for letting Netanyahu hear that voice in New Orleans. Check out the comments about you on Mondoweiss.

  235. elana levy says:

    how much we need this poetic creative courageous truth-speaking energy.
    we meaning we-jews.
    we meaning we-jewspalestiniansarabsamericans
    we meaning, of course, all of us on earth.
    we thank you. we stand alongside you. we stand with you.
    modah ani elana

  236. Jeff Warner says:

    Good work. Keep it up.

  237. Shachar says:

    כל הכבוד אנשים צעירים. אתם עושים עבודה חשובה עבור כולם בארצות הברית, בישראל ובפלסטין.

    תודה רבה לכם.

  238. Alfred Sporer says:

    While it is important for progressives to respond to and correct the demonization of Palestinians, it is equally important the we not fall into the trap of idealizing them, their leaders or their governments. The fact is that Palestinians have not prevented fundamentalist Islamist movements from becoming powerful forces in that society, and, as documented by Human Rights Watch, attempting to impose “Islamic morals” on women and the LGBT community there. Why not protest to that as well?

  239. Bernie says:

    Finally, finally a bold and bright ray of hope from the stifling darkness. Thank you.

  240. Marlene Ross says:

    Thank you so much. I am so moved by your statement. Your thoughts and ideas are as the Jewish thought and heart I grew up with 70 years ago. I am so happy to know being Jewish as I know it is alive and well in young people today. You are surely our hope for a just and righteous future.

  241. Paul says:

    What allies do Jews have?

  242. Liana Smith says:

    How simply gorgeous. We exist, we remember, we refuse, we commit. You honor humanity and provide inspiration for those of us who have been doing this for a long time and feel overwhelmed.

    Thank you/toda raba תודה רבה/shukran شكرا

  243. Rando M says:

    Your courage is admirable, and very much necessary.

  244. Shlomo says:

    Ah, to be idealistic: woulld that the enemies of Israel believed as you do.
    I truly wish I could support this but the assumption that Israel is to blame and that the problems all stem from “the occupation” are naive. While Israel is most certainly not pure and blameless, it is not by any means the only guilty party. Jordan and Egypt did *nothing* for the Palestinians when they occupied the West Bank and Gaza (well, Jordan did kill 5,000-10,000 in September of 1970 but we’ll ignore that for now). Unless, of course, you mean that Israel occupies any land at all? After all, despite the agreement in Osol, there has been no repudiation of the PLO charter calling for the destruction of Israel.

    Let us continue to pray for peace.

  245. Ramon Greenberg says:

    I am not young and have grown more and more disillusioned with the Jewish establishment. You have renewed my hope that real Jewish values are alive and well and will prevail over the the Birth Righters and their proselytizers. Keep your voices loud and clear.
    Thank you!!

  246. annie robbins says:

    you are so beautiful it makes me cry. thank you for being you. thank you for being your beautiful young proud jewish selves.

  247. Ariel says:

    kol hakavod for authoring such a poetic and articulate statement of existence/beliefs. I hope EVERYONE reads it!

  248. If there is any chance at all for peace, I believe that it will come from within Israel and especially from the young Jewish people who have seen and heard enough. Thank you for taking a stand for peace and justice. Your courage and dedication is what the world is aching for at this very moment. May God bless you and give you the strength to continue your good work. The world loves you guys. Don’t ever forget that.

  249. Richard Witty says:

    Stay committed to humanity. Your positive approach, criticism of policies and practices, rather than just anger, was refreshing.

  250. M. says:

    Thank You.

  251. Emily Schaeffer says:

    This is me! This is you! This is us!

    Thank you! Thank us!

    (And let’s keep holding each other up in this great struggle.)

  252. Rebecca Subar says:

    Oh, this is a good day. I am impressed, delighted and proud. Yes indeed let’s “re-envision ‘homeland,’ to make room for justice!” Thank you!

  253. Karen Platt says:

    WOW!!! I share the enthusiastic comments of the other replies. The website is so well-done, your actions at the GA are inspirational, and I can’t wait to hear more. I’ve already sent the link to my other Jewish friends. Thank you so much.

  254. Anita Roy says:

    I am so proud of you. When I read this, I have tears in my eyes. I am not Jewish, but have been following events in Israel/Palestine/North America closely. I choose to read and quote Jewish progressive voices in today’s world for these issues. I am 54, and of East Indian, Danish and Canadian roots, and by marriage to Iranian roots. I see that we are all human and that any group that honours the humanity in other human beings makes me happy and proud. Thank YOU.

  255. cynthia greenberg says:

    as someone in my early 40s, i am so in awe of you all and proud to call myself your ally and to learn from you and support your leadership. you are carrying forward a long and beautiful tradition of struggle for justice and radical jewish resistance. you are the ones we have been waiting for! kol ha’kavod to you all! to peace and justice and organizing for change and an end to the occupation!

  256. God bless you! Shalom/Salaam/Peace!

  257. Matzpen says:


  258. Janet Weil says:

    Thank you all for your courage and your dedication.
    You are making a new path and a new future, for Jews and for our allies.
    I will send this declaration to others – Jews and non-Jews.

  259. Sandy Rosen says:

    I am an old Jew. If you as young Jews are committed to equality, solidarity, and integrity I believe that would lead to separation of church and state so that full equality could exist including in education, housing, and social security, for all citizens — Palestinian Muslims, Christians and Jews. I believe it would lead to the right of return for Palestinians and a guarantee of land to the tiller. I believe the wall would come down. I believe we could finally live in peace. If this is what you believe, I stand proudly with you.

  260. John Monteiro says:

    Its good to see the young women & men with determination, not only for their faith but for humanity and for being SANE with the politics of life. Please do not accept anything less than you have now … and thank you for being innovators for all of us …

  261. penny rosenwasser says:

    Just reading this makes me feel that my umpteen years of activism on all these issues was worth it. You all are more than amazing. I am over the moon with love, and gratitude and hope. THANK YOU!

  262. Barbara Harvey says:

    Your courage and energy are changing the discourse. Great work at the Federation’s GA!

  263. Cindy Shamban says:

    To Our Youngers:

    What an incredibly beautiful statement you have crafted. And what courage you have shown taking a stand at the GA and interrupting Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech. It is so easy for them to think that there is no Jewish opposition to their policies or that it is only the “fringe”.

    I find your work inspirational. I look forward to iworking together and to helping spread the word to young Jews and older Jews as well who are interested in helping redefine what it means to be Jewish in today’s world.

    Bay Area JVP

  264. lynnpollack says:

    I am speechless with gratitude for everyone involved in this statement and these actions. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Must go wipe my tears now …

  265. Glen Hauer says:

    I am so proud of you, young Jews, your courage, and persistence.